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Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to 4/20 During the Lockdown

OK Sinners, this is gonna be a tough one. It’s one of my favorite times of year, and we’re on lockdown. Celebrating #420 without a little sunshine is going to be tricky, but I’ve put together a list to keep you entertained and flying high.

Sin Dee NYC’s ‘Trolls World Tour’ Watch Party

Did you know Sin has an impressive collection of Troll dolls? Well she does, and she’s ready to let you in on her secret obsession. Celebrate the online release of Trolls World Tour with Sin Dee NYC! Watch along with us.

Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to the NYC Lockdown (COVID-19)

Before we head down that creepy Cabin Fever road and the streets start resembling Mad Max, let’s chill. Sin Dee NYC’s guide to surviving the lock-down includes ways to be productive, have fun, and up your skills. Stay safe, and keep calm. We’ll be OK, Sinners.

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31 Halloween Horror Flicks (2019)

We’re baaaaaaack! It’s every Sinner’s favorite time of year. So grab your pumpkin spice goodies and curl up on the couch for 31 of our favorite horror films. Follow along on Instagram as Sin Dee works down the list herself! Enjoy, Sinners & Happy Halloween.

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Guide to Summer Solstice (Litha) 2019

Litha, the summer solstice, is the time of year when the sun remains in the sky the longest. Marking the start of summer and the day of the year with the most sunlight.

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Guide to 2019 Pride in NYC

What do all of those flags mean? How should I gender identify? Most importantly… what do should I wear!?Check out the Guide to 2019 Pride in NYC on Pinterest by Sin Dee NYC.


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