January is Sin Month: All I Want For My B-Day Is Your Vote For The Fashion Hero

January is a special month for me. It’s the beginning of the year, where we all focus on what we are going to do with our lives this year. What will we change? What are our goals? What do we want to achieve. January also marks my birthday. The start of a new year marks another year of my life.

2017 has been intense for me. I went through life changes both good and bad. I had to face my flaws and demons. I’m ready to share my story with the world. My battle with mental illness has been a long road, but hitting bottom and recovering has inspired me to end the stigma against people with mental illnesses and developmental challenges.

With that said, there’s just ONE THING I want for my birthday this year. There’s a fabulous show called The Fashion Hero focused on challenging the definition of beauty. With your help (and votes) I hope to become The Next Fashion Hero and give people with mental illness not only a voice, but a face! Let’s show the world that even those of us struggling with an illness you can’t see can overcome anything. Including becoming The Fashion Hero of 2018.

Head over to my profile page and click the “VOTE FOR ME” button.
It’s that easy!
(And don’t forget to spread the word to all your friends!!!)


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