Update: Misfits, Bookings, & Self Love <3

Punks Need Love Too

It should be obvious by now that my first love is Glenn Danzig. His deep sexy voice makes for the perfect soundtrack this month as we make our way into St. Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking to surprise that cute punk chick you’ve been crushing on, or treating yourself to something special, these tickets are guaranteed to bring Some Kinda Love:

The Misfits Reunion in NJ – A gift for the big spender:

Sure Riot Fest was the first time we saw the punk legends reunite, but who wants to miss witnessing the hometown reunion?! Tickets have been going fast and those prices are soaring high (eat that GNR!), so get your hands on a pair while you can (or start hounding your FB friends who picked up about 10 during pre-sales). These tickets are the perfect gift for the Fiend in your life or a fabulous way to treat yourself to the event of a life time.

Doyle Stomps into Queens, NY – A fiend friendly date-night idea:

Alright, you couldn’t score those $300 floor tickets to the Misfits reunion. Maybe you think that’s just plain outrageous, or maybe you’re another starving musician working part-time at the pizza counter. Either way, you can still get an affordable Misfits fix next weekend. For only $20 in advance you can drop by the rock-haven Blackthorn 51, for an intimate Doyle show that features those best-of Misfits tunes Mr. VonFrankenstein co-wrote. Don’t have Valentine’s Day plans? Present your printed Doyle tix to your fiendish sweetheart and take them out on the weekend instead. You’ll get bonus points for treating them to a veggie burger at the diner next door before hitting the pit.

I Love the Freaks, and the Freaks Love Me!
(My Photoshoot with Albert Cadabra)FB_IMG_1472117035827.jpg

January means a whole new calendar to fill with bookings. Yesterday, I kicked off 2018 with one of my favorite freaks in town, Albert Cadabra. You’ve probably seen this hunky redhead with a nail sticking out of his face, or his trousers around his ankles (or both if you’re lucky!). One way or another meeting Mr. Cadabra is something you’ll never forget. Luckily for me, Albert Cadabra took time off from the stage to get back behind the camera. True to his background, yesterday’s shoot was a perfect blending of rock n’ roll, sexuality, and self expression. Dare I say.. it was Magic!

Pictures will be posted soon. Visit the contact page for info on booking me as a model or event coordinator/promoter in 2018. Slots are filling up fast!

Be Your Own Valentine – A Self-Love How To: 

If you’re like me, you’re probably flying solo this Lovers’ Day. I’m on my third year of a lonely Valentine’s Day, but instead of picking up tissues and ice cream for my woe-is-me binge night, this year I’ll be practicing self-love.  Each year we are encouraged to shower our loved ones with gifts to show your appreciation – though we should be doing this all year long. Similarly, us non-coupled folks should go all out for ourselves on Valentine’s Day. I think it’s absolutely important to live a fulfilling life that you practice self-love each day , but here are a few ways to spoil the hell out of yourself this Wednesday:

1. Get your favorite take-out and don’t feel guilty about the bill.
You would probably be shelling out money for a date-night dinner, a few gifts, and other heart covered nonsense if you had a mate. Instead, spend that money on yourself. Let today be the day you order $50 of sushi delivery, pick up a bottle of bubbly on the way home, and grab that new book at B&N you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it.

2. Dress up… or Down.
Maybe you always loved dressing up to go one a date and it’s been a long time since you wore those lacy red third-date panties. Go for it! Sure you’re the only one who knows you’ve got that thong on, but that’s enough to have you feeling sexy all day long. On the other hand, you might be sick of having to wear a monkey suit every day to your 9-5. Take that sick day, dodge the flower deliveries, and wear your footsie pjs all day.

3. Do good and feel good. 
Do one thing this Valentine’s Day that you wouldn’t normally do. Giving back is a quick way to give your soul a boost. You might feel like the biggest loser on earth without a Valentine, but don’t forget those who have so much more loss in their lives. Do just one good thing for someone who needs a little love. Buy a hot coffee for that homeless man you pass every morning in the station. Send anonymous flowers to a friend who’s been going through a rough time. Tip your Starbucks barista who knows your order before you get to the register. Buy a lotto ticket from your bodega man, then hand it back over to him with a smile. Any bit of love you share will surely fill your life with more love in the end.

4. A Card to Your Future Self
You might not have anyone to buy a mushy card for this year … or do you? Go browse your local pharmacy’s greeting card section and for a moment pretend you are buying a card for your future soul mate. When you get home write a note to yourself in the card. Tell yourself how much you love yourself. Promise yourself something for the year. Include a reminder to yourself. Tell yourself your love is unconditional. Next Valentine’s Day, open up your card to yourself. Even if you have found your life partner before 2019, you’ll be reminded how important putting yourself first is.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sinners!

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