A Fiend’s Tale: Sin Dee’s Misfits Obsession Explained (+Doyle this Sun in Queens!)

A Fiend’s Tale

You know by now I’m a HUGE Misfits and Danzig fan. Danzig was probably my first celebrity crush and The Misfits were my introduction to punk music and the scene in general.

Photo by Michael Ochs. Getty Images. (Actual photo used in Revolver pull-out)

While my tween friends gushed over boy bands, I hung my Revolver pull-out of Glenn over my bed. I was an odd-ball little girl whose brother took her under his leather-clad wing and brought her to every Misfits show and Tower Records signing deemed “all ages”. By the time I was a well groomed punk teen, I attended their yearly Halloween shows in NYC and purchased all the merch/45s/collectibles I could get my part-time working mitts on.

As the band evolved, thinned and spread out, so did my dedication. I still attended local shows by The Misfits (or The Survivors as I playfully renamed them), who consisted of a strange punk concoction of Jerry Only, with Dez from Black Flag, and Marky Ramone. I traveled to Chiller Theater in NJ and Kidrobot in the village for the autographs signings. I’m a true fiend through and through. So yes, I even paid to attend all the 2001-2006 Michale Graves-era shows in NYC. With Doyle going solo, Graves adopting a softer acoustic set of American Psycho, and Danzig continuing on in single-name celebrity, (by the way I did lose track of Dr. Chud for a few years) I was still able to hear a good live version of a Misfits tune at least once a year.

IMG_20170315_210426As a Fiend Club member to death, my soul would always be missing one piece: I never saw Glenn front The Misfits. Sure, I’ve seen Doyle & Jerry before the brotherly feud. I was even there in 2001 when Doyle came stomping onto the stage at Danzig’s show in NYC. They later announced a one-day only show in Las Vegas. With tears streaming down my face, I begged my parents to let this be my graduation gift – it was out of the question. It was the closest I would ever get to a Misfits reunion. I continued on my journey of fiend-om and regularly threw my petite frame into the pit at every Doyle, Danzig, and “The Survivors” show that came to town.

One of my favorite Misfits-related memories includes a trip to Austin, TX just a few years ago, where I ran a 300+ tech conference. As I sat in my cubical making arrangements with our after-party venue, I noticed the beautiful familiar face of Mr. VonFrankenstein.

Click for more pics from Doyle at Stubb’s Austin, TX

Karma would reward me for my efforts. Doyle was playing a show at the very same venue, the very same night, after my party! I purchased a ticket – I didn’t have to but I didn’t want to take the chance – hosted the party, then ran into the bathroom and quickly swapped my business attire for a Doyle tank top. This was my first solo show EVER, my first solo show out of town, and my first time in Austin, TX. After venting to a few Texans about my disappointment over their wack pit, we made a pact to tear shit up when Doyle came on… and we did! As punk boys are known to do, they quickly scooped me up and swung me into the unsuspecting crowd, thus starting one of the most fun mosh parties of my life. I could go on and on about this night….

As I grew older, so did my dedication. I finally inked my obsession into a sweet spot in my arm near my heart – the same year, the moment we’ve been waiting for arrived. Danzig, Doyle and Jerry were reuniting for the first time! As luck (or fate, or the devil) may have it, I was just digging my way out of a divorce, just got a job and just moved into my own apartment. I was also in a financial argument with my post-divorce rebound. I was in no real position to be packing up for Vegas or Chicago… but I did.


Deciding that Chicago was both closer, cheaper, and a place I’ve been to the least (I’ve got Vegas burn-out), I purchased two tickets for Riot Fest 2016. Heaven on earth! That’s all I have to say about that. It was everything a true Fiend could dream of. There was our man, Danzig, singing our favorite classic Misfits tunes like only he can.

So my adventures as a Misfits Maniac continue as the reunion gets closer to home. The Misfits announced their first home-town reunion in NJ for this year! I’ve already got my tickets and have no idea how I’m going to manage sitting in a stadium seat for this, but I know it’ll be another moment for my Misfits memory book.

Until then, I’m getting my fiend fix by hitting up the Doyle show at Blackthorn 51.

doyle-as-we-die-world-abomination-tour-2018-990x1530One of my favorite haunts, this rare local show will definitely
be as badass as my trip to Austin.
I can’t wait to see the Brandons, Alex Wolfman (Cancerslug) and Doyle
tear up the stage in my Queens hometown!
download.jpgSee you there Sinners!

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