Sinner Spotlight: Elefantkiller, The Raging & Tusk-wearing Band You Need to Know (Plus FREE show in BK Tues 3/6)

It wasn’t too long ago that I walked into Lucky 13’s Saloon and caught my first glimpse at the spectacle that is Elefantkiller. There was no doubt they rocked, as do most bands booked at my favorite watering-hole, but there’s something about Elefantkiller that makes you stop in your tracks. Fronted by Enrique Nazario on Guitar, partnered with James Lane thumpin da Bass – the dudes wear tusks on stage!

27907744_1726281260743506_5098984678958319594_oAs a rasslin’ fan, you know I’m a sucker for a good gimmick, but under all the hair and lucha-inspired “elefant” heads, is a band worth adding to your local show rotation. Supported by BIG Z on Drums (the only member to reveal his human face), Elefantkiller pumps out power “that could only be described as Speed Punk” according to Facebook. “We sing about breaking shit, war and death, cocaine, crushing pills, and stabbing people that piss us the fuck off, all in the context of trying to deal with everyday life which at times makes you wanna engulf it in hate and fire.” … Point me to the pit!

Just a few days ago at the Doyle show in Queens, I was ordering my third (or fourth) Sam Adams when a big burly dude next to me hands me an Elefantkiller sticker. Swiftly I turned and said “I know you!”. After my first Elefantkiller experience, I had to know more about the band and started following them on social media. If you’ve ever checked out their Instagram page you would understand why their sticker is both unforgettable and practically a NYC icon.

Follow them on Instagram @elefantkiller

It turned out to be James himself and after some chatting, I knew my instincts were right. 28276843_1740910732613892_4428920553052275395_nThe Elefantkiller guys are not only badass rockers, but down-to-earth and super professional too! … So, I’m proud to say you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around when Elefantkiller hits the stage. I’ll be heading out to Lucky 13 Saloon next Tuesday to catch the electrifying trio and man their merch table. It’s your perfect chance to check out one of the more memorable acts in NYC.


Tuesday, March 6 at 8pm – Midnight
Lucky 13 Saloon
644 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY
FREE SHOW! No Admission! 

The full-line up:

9:00pm – One for the Road
9:45pm – Winterwolf
11:15pm – In The Next Life

Don’t forget to visit me at the merch booth to pick up some sweet swag!

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