Event Alert: The NYC Punk Partnership Invades American Luchas, Queens, NYC – THIS SAT 4/14

Sin Dee NYC exists thanks to the ever-growing network of talented people who have worked for or attended one of our rockin’ events. Friends are easy to make in IMG_5885the underground metal, punk, burlesque and arts scenes. It was no surprise that after meeting James of Elefantkiller we quickly joined forces and tore down a free show at Lucky 13’s this February. By the end of the night it was obvious to the four of us, we were forming the greatest Punk Partnership: on a mission to party with NYC’s headbangers and luchadors.

Naturally, the mask-wearing Elefantkiller was invited to grace the stage this Saturday at the American Luchas show. With a few months of rasslin’ training under my belt, an obsession with Finn Balor, and some friends in the indie scene, they asked me to tag along.
So the Punk Partnership is back at it!elefantkiller.4.14.18.laboom.luchashow.jpgHonestly, if I weren’t attending with Sin Dee NYC, I’d probably buy a ticket and go to this show anyway. With people like Marty the Moth, Drago, and my indie crush Brian Idol hitting the ring, I know the matches will be pro-level badass! Besides, LaBoom is a treat for events like this. Primarily a nightclub, LaBoom includes a full bar, a concession stand of snacks, and tables perfect for rare lucha merch and wrestling collectibles. Speaking of merch…

I’ll be manning the Elefantkiller merch booth on Saturday where you can pick up brand IMG_4565SD copy.jpg new guitar picks, a newly released t-shirt, some stickers, or those adorable elephant plush keychains. In the spirit of true partnership, the band is sharing their space with me to provide limited Sin Dee NYC swag. I’ll have a few modeling prints & magnets, Sin Dee NYC slogan postcards & stickers, and some notebooks for sale. Make sure you stop by and say “Sup Sin!” while you pick up some of our swag.

Since Elefantkiller’s new logo is so fierce, I’ve given them space in my online shop to run a limited time sale of some really hot EXCLUSIVE merch – including a MINI SKIRT for only $40!! Check out the selection in the Sin Shop thru 4/20. (these items will not be available on Saturday).

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