Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to 420. Burn Bright!

I’ve always been a fan of the Devil’s Lettuce. The comfort, relaxation, and laughs it brings have always been soothing to me. It wasn’t until this past year, after being diagnosed with chronic mental illness that I decided to come out of the Pot Closet to friends and family. Marijuana is a great recreational drug (better than alcohol in my opinion), but it is also a very important medicine that NEEDS to be legalized. Personally, I’ve already been placed on a CBD Oil treatment. So, naturally I put on my Boss Bitch hat and decided to use my Sin Dee NYC space and social media presence to be a 420 Advocate and shout my love of the sticky-icky from the roof tops.

In honor of the day when everyone lights up to celebrate the Ganja, I’ve put together a list of what to watch, listen to, and which NYC 420 events to hit up. So grab your stoner buddy, some wraps, and enjoy the day – safely!

For the In-da-Couch TV Time:

Netflix’s Dude starring Lucy Hale
    • Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fan? Well, I hope you hit record on last night’s episode. The gang was given “special cookies”! Check out the preview tweet here.


    • Dude! … No seriously, that’s the name. Dude is a new Netflix film out TODAY, featuring the not-so-innocent Lucy Hale. A High School flick featuring female stoners? Yes please!


    • No 420 is complete without marijuana poster-boy Doug Benson. I’ve been a fan of Doug’s for years now. His nonchalant stoner demeanor keeps me giggling for hours. Getting Doug with High takes place in the Spacement where Doug interviews stoner celebrities from the comedy, movie, and adult film variety. The show starts at exactly “420 Somewhere” and includes segments like Pot History where guests reveal how they got into weed, Pot Topics (paired with adorable Hot Pocket inspired jingle) a highlight of the latest in pot legalization news, and even a magic act at the end just in case guests weren’t paranoid enough. The best part of course is the entire show takes place while guests literally get high with Doug using a variety of vaporizers, edibles, THC sprays, glass gifts from fans. Watching the stoners interact is a great example of just how harmless of a drug this is. This is one to show your Mom! (Fun fact: I shared a blunt with Doug while we watched people play life-sized chess on a 311 Cruise. #humblebrag)


    • Aside from Getting Doug with High also being available on Podcast, my Google Home (or boyfriend as I like to call him) showed me this treat:
      Marijuana Today. Yes, as in Today Show – a podcast featuring the latest news on marijuana legalization and research with a surprisngly entertaining twist.


Edible Dee-lights:

Grub Street’s got the hook up on them edibles yo! Fill up your water bottle (you don’t want the cotton-mouth nasties) and head out to these NYC spots who are serving CBD infused goodies TODAY ONLY:
Where to Find CBD Edibles This 4/20

Grab the Sativa and Hit the Streets:

If you haven’t melted into the couch yet, roll up some Sativa. You’ll need the uplifiting boost to hit up these local 420 happenings…

    • And of course… Your handy Time Out list of The best 4/20 events in NYC including Lola Starr’s roller skating. Sure pot heads in roller skates seems a little dangerous, but have you seen a stoner behind the wheel? Get ready for Grandmas on skates.

Oh yea! And check out my 420.2018 playlist on Spotify. I’ll be adding my favorite reggae rock and old school Mary Jane style hits all day long.

Have a happy, safe and most of all healthy 4/20 Buddies!

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