Sinful Sounds: We Took a Ride with Our Best Friends… to see Depeche Mode pack the house at Barclay’s Center!


For fans of synth pop, there was no hotter place to be than the Depeche Mode show at Barclays Center. That is if they could get inside. The lines were long, and they moved slowly at the Barclay Center. It may have to do with the unusual move by security to confiscate cigarettes, both actual and electronic, and throw them into the trash (much to the chagrin of all the chain-smoking goths in attendance). Barclays Center was indeed understaffed compared to the great number of Depeche Mode fans who put on their finest and darkest clothes to dance the night away to the alt classics that were performed by the band in their second leg of their North American Global Spirits Tour.

A great deal of those fans no doubt missed the beginning of Depeche Mode’s set, which began with “Going Backwards.” Fans were still shuffling in for crowd favorite, “It’s No Good,” and Barrel of a Gun.” The band’s longevity and creative output ensured that even if fans may have missed the beginning of the set, there were still plenty of great songs left for the enjoyment of all in attendance.

Age has not diminished the band’s ability to put on a stellar show. Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher have not lost a beat and their musicianship was tight. Dave Gahan showed the packed audience that he is still the coolest guy in the room. Even sporting a John Waters-style pencil-thin mustache, Gahan remained an icon of hipness. His stage presence had the crowd enthralled with every gyration and strut he performed on stage. Gahan had full use of the runway stage that was set up and he would reach out the crowd and tease and entice them.

Highlights included their performance of “Where’s the Revolution” from their most recent album Spirit which in the Barclays Center became an anthem and rallying cry for the legion of Depeche Mode fans. The audience roared with excitement once the familiar opening tunes of “Stripped” were played. Depeche Mode followed that classic with another classic, “Enjoy the Silence,” before the ending the set with a moving rendition of, “Never Let Me Down Again.”

Depeche Mode would return to the stage for an encore that began with an acoustic version of, “I Want You Now.” They went back to electric for, “Walking in My Shoes.” The next song, “A Question of Time,” proved to be a crowd favorite that night. The show ended when the crowd sang along to their biggest hit, “Personal Jesus.”

While it might have been unpleasant experience entering Barclays Center, fans left the Barclays Center satisfied with the pleasure of seeing one of the great rock/pop acts prove they still have what it takes to fill out an arena and give a stellar performance.

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