Sin Dee NYC’s 31 Halloween Horror Flicks – 2018

You asked for it! After last year’s struggle to keep up with Fangoria‘s Halloween Movie Countdown, I teamed up with Mandy Carr from Primetime Addiction to create our own list for you Sinners. Check out the official Sin Dee NYC 31 Halloween Horror Flicks list below and join the creepy fun all month long. Keep an eye on the Sin Dee NYC Instagram and follow along as I work my way down the list.

Sin Dee NYC’S 31 Halloween Horror Flicks
(Includes where to watch)

    1. Hocus Pocus (Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
      Image result for hocus pocus memeImage result for hocus pocus meme
      Instagram has been filled with memes of the iconic witchy trio these days. Mandy and I both agree, no Halloween season is complete without a screening of Hocus Pocus.

    2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
      Another family friendly classic for your little spawns of Satan.

    3. Red Eye (Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
      Mandy says “This might not be your go-to horror pick, but it’s a wild ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

    4. Seven (Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
      Sin says
      “This one isn’t your typical horror flick either, but who doesn’t love shouting ‘What’s in the box?!’ I also have to give it to this movie for some of the most creative and cringe-worthy murders based on the Seven Sins.”

      Speaking of creative murder scenes, let’s get some of these classic bad boys out of the way… 

    5. Saw  (Starz, Amazon, YouTube, Google)
    6. Scream (Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Google)
    7. Urban Legend (Showtime, Amazon, YouTube, Google)
    8. Final Destination (Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Google)
    9. I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon, YouTube, Google)

    10. Texas Chainsaw Massacrethe 1974 original (Amazon, iTunes)
      Sin says “Hands down my favorite horror flick of all time. In my opinion, the original set the precedence for all great slasher flicks. We have Leatherface to thank for all our hitchhiking nightmares.”
      Image result for Texas Chainsaw MassacreImage result for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Beginning
    11. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Beginning (Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube)
      Mandy says “You’re probably thinking, not a prequel, but trust me, you want to see how the Texas Chainsaw Massacre got its start.”

      Other nightmare inducing must-sees:

    12. The Ring (Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
    13. A Quiet Place (Amazon, YouTube, Google)
    14. Get Out (Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
    15. Last House On The Left (HBO, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
    16. Nightmare on Elm Street (Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)

    17. Leprechaun in the Hood (Amazon, YouTube, Google)
      Sin says
      “Roll up a doobie for this one! The best in the Leprechaun franchise, this one is more for laughs than scares. It’s got Ice-T, 90’s style fly girls, lots of terrible rapping, thugs in drag, and a pot-smoking Leprechaun monster. Perfection.”

    18. Trick 'r Treat (2007)Trick ‘r Treat (Amazon, YouTube, Google)
      Sin says
      “Sam’s a cutie! That’s all there really is to it. I saw the guy and instantly fell in love. Not to mention all the mayhem this little bugger causes. You go Sam!”

      Classic favorites that never get old (and remakes will never do justice!)

    19. The Shining (Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google)
    20. The Exorcist (Cinemax, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google)
    21. Carrie  (Amazon, YouTube, Google, iTunes)
    22. American Psycho (Cinemax, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Google, iTunes)

      Feel the feminists roar!!!
      These goodies have female leads!

    23. Ginger Snaps (Amazon, YouTube, Google, iTunes)
    24. Teeth (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Google, iTunes)

    25. House of 1,000 Corpses (HBO, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
      Sin says “When Rob Zombie started making films, fans were anxious if he could do the genre justice. Just like his iconic music videos, Zombie adds his own psychedelic trip flavor to the classic slasher film. Of all the Rob Zombie flicks, these two are the most original and goose-bump inducing of the bunch.”Matthew McGrory, Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley, and Robert Allen Mukes in House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
    26. Devil’s Rejects (HBO, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
      The gang is back at it… for the ride of their lives.

      Let the bodies hit the floor! Sin’s go-to zombie movies: 

    27. Return of the Living Dead  (Amazon, iTunes)
    28. Dawn of the Dead (Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)

    29. Tokyo Gore Police (Amazon, Google)
      Tôkyô zankoku keisatsu (2008)Sin says “If you like ridiculous buckets of blood, cyborg weaponry, and suicidal Japanese school girls, then look no further! It doesn’t make much sense, but it really doesn’t need to. You’re in it for the bodies drenched in blood, bad-taste suicidal humor, and those awesome Japanese subtitles we all love to hate.”

    30. & 31. Halloween (Amazon, iTunes)
      and  Halloween II (HBO, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google)
      Image result for halloween 1 and 2 double feature
      Mandy says
      “These two may be givens to watch during October, but you should watch them together. They complete each other. Halloween II starts right where the first one leaves off, and you get all the backstory. It’s a complete movie-watching experience when you watch them back to back.”

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