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Sin Dee NYC’s 2019 Guide to Burning Man

Burning Man 2015 . Sunrise . Playa . Sin Dee NYC


You’ll never know where you’ll find inspiration. No joke, Marie Kondo changed my life. If you haven’t heard of the revolutionary organizing Queen, you’re missing out. After applying the Spark Joy tips to my own double walk-in closet, I realized I can spark joy anywhere I damn please! Burners, head over to Tidying Up and use the simple origami-style folding methods for your packing this year. Once you get the hang of it everything in your life will be folded into cute cubes. Check out how I Sparked Joy in my check-on duffel bag, by folding costumes in groups and tucking them into hats.

STEP ONE: Lay out costume ideas from head-to-toe.

The bat costume I plan on adding LED lighting to.

My favorite fur get-up from my first burn.

Scored this dress at a theater group’s costume sale.

Note the cute bunny butt photo-bomb ๐Ÿ™‚

Awesome convertible galaxy hood/scarf/wrap with matching outfit.

Hood by Snowflake Hoops

I like to keep my Tutu Tuesday tutu in a zip-lock bag to prevent tearing.

Sully fur hat with stash pocked in lining by Snowflake Hoops

Casual star print hooded dress by Snowflake Hoops with fur cat ear hat for night.

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Alt model, Event planner, Marketing pro, and Owner of
Born and raised in NYC, Sin Dee is a full-time marketing professional and experienced event coordinator/promoter, who spends free time on her personal project Sin Dee NYC.
She also considers herself a Mental Health Warrior & 420 Advocate.
Favorite topics: Punk/Ska/Metal/Reggae/Jazz, Horror movies, WWE/Lucha/MMA.
Hobbies: Kickboxing, Flamework/Glass blowing, and jumping in a mosh pit!

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