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Sin Dee NYC’s 2019 Guide to Burning Man

STEP TWO: Group other clothes according to use.

Though I want to prevent over packing, make sure to throw a few extra “just in case” items.

A light rain jacket and a boho style cover-up that can be used as a shirt or dress.

Extra warm hiking socks saved me during those frigid playa nights. I’ll add more when it’s closer to the trip.

A few extra fun items like my #420advocate beanie, a maxi mesh dress I plan to use for mornings, and an extra fun emoji crop top.

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Alt model, Event planner, Marketing pro, and Owner of
Born and raised in NYC, Sin Dee is a full-time marketing professional and experienced event coordinator/promoter, who spends free time on her personal project Sin Dee NYC.
She also considers herself a Mental Health Warrior & 420 Advocate.
Favorite topics: Punk/Ska/Metal/Reggae/Jazz, Horror movies, WWE/Lucha/MMA.
Hobbies: Kickboxing, Flamework/Glass blowing, and jumping in a mosh pit!

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