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Sin Dee NYC’s 2019 Guide to Burning Man

STEP THREE: Sparking Joy for Burners

Origami but for your Playa costumes!

Tights, tops and bras are folded according to Tidying Up. Layered inside each other.

Any outfits with a coordinating fur hat are placed inside the hat and tied closed. The rest are in a spare zip bag from a new bed sheet set.

The costumes are at the bottom of the extra large duffel bag I plan to check onto my flight. I have one yellow bin that I’ll ship on a container with my food and supplies.

*Extra space-saving tip: Any bedding, pillow cases, or towels can be rolled up and used to pad your bike in its box when shipping.

Happy Playa Planning, Sinners!

Burning Man 2015 by Sin Dee NYC

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Alt model, Event planner, Marketing pro, and Owner of
Born and raised in NYC, Sin Dee is a full-time marketing professional and experienced event coordinator/promoter, who spends free time on her personal project Sin Dee NYC.
She also considers herself a Mental Health Warrior & 420 Advocate.
Favorite topics: Punk/Ska/Metal/Reggae/Jazz, Horror movies, WWE/Lucha/MMA.
Hobbies: Kickboxing, Flamework/Glass blowing, and jumping in a mosh pit!

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