Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to the NYC Lockdown (COVID-19)

CDC Hand Washing Guidelines – Misfits Style
by Sin Dee NYC

New York is on Pause. The streets resemble a cross between a zombie apocalypse and the coming of the rapture. CDC PSAs that encourage social distancing started popping up between our “normal programming”. Like a news clip out of the 2007 film, I Am Legend. Live Shows like WWE’s RAW and Smack Down are filmed without their live audience. Empty arenas with only 10 people max, as is the new law. The New World Order.

The new rules include Social Distancing, masks, gloves, quarantines, and washing your hands (for exactly 20 seconds). The social norm, is ant-social.

So before we head down that creepy Cabin Fever road and the streets start resembling Mad Max, let’s chill. Below is Sin Dee NYC’s guide to surviving the NYC lock-down. Ways to be productive, have fun, and up your skills while following the new CDC recommendations.

Stay safe, and keep calm. We’ll be OK, Sinners.

Up Your Skills

Stay Productive

Quarantine & Chill

Party in Your Crib

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