Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to 4/20 During the Lockdown

OK Sinners, this is gonna be a tough one. It’s one of my favorite times of year, and we’re on lockdown. Celebrating #420 without a little sunshine is going to be tricky, but I’ve put together a list to keep you entertained and flying high.

Stocking Up (legally)

If you’re in NYC and a legal medical marijuana card holder (like myself), there are plenty of deals to be had this Monday. Dispensaries are considered an essential business in NYC and are open for pick-up orders. My favorite dispensary Curaleaf, is offering 20% savings all week including their new chewies. Mmmm! Plus a chance to win a pretty sweet “Four Twenty” t-shirt.

The ever reliable folks at Leafly have put together a guide of their own, including their 420 Deals section. Laying out all the companies and dispensaries sales in your area. Being a pothead couldn’t be any easier.

Rather show your local Collie Man some love during tough times? Celebrate by upping your usual smoke sesh standards. Hit up that bodega that’s still open during quarantine, and pick up a new glass piece or vape pen. If you rather roll up, get creative with it and try some blunt-origami. You can find more instructions and ideas on the wrap-art at Sin Dee NYC’s Pinterst.

Managing Your Munchies

Eventually you’ll get the munchies, and this is where the beauty of the 420 holiday can really shine. Turn those DIY meals you’ve been drooling over on Pinterst into infused delites. Head over to the Sin Dee NYC: Guide to 420 During the Lockdown on for recipes and ideas. The cannabis infused deliciousness is limitless!

If you ingested too much indica and just don’t have the energy to play chef at home, Postmates is 4/20 friendly all weekend long. Check out the emails they’re sending their customers:

Normally, we’d be getting excited to spend April 20th together, laughing and making memories. But these are different times—and 4/20 is on a Monday. So we’re giving you free delivery and have put together the best munchies menu to get you through.

Order from the Munchies Menu, a curated list of restaurants serving craveworthy plates like burritos, burgers, tacos, and milkshakes.

For Free Delivery
Use code: getsnacks

Celebrate West-Coast Style

Sublime with Rome is Streaming on Mon, Apr 20 at appropriately, 4:20 PM PDT. Spark up a doobie and watch the free live stream here.

Roll Up and ROTFLMAO

My usual morning routine includes a heavy dose of Weird AF News. Hosted by comedian Jonsey, it’s the lighter side of news media in one neat package. If you’ve had enough of COVID-19 updates and prefer stories about meth-ridden gators holding up banks in Florida… we’ll it’s all here.

I’m such a fan I got a shout out in an episode! Listen to my attempt at an Amazon Review of the show read live on air.

However you celebrate. I hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy 420. The world may be a lot different these days. That doesn’t mean you can’t find time for a little silliness and chill times.
Happy 420, Sinners!

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