Halloween Horror Flicks—Rewind Marathons: Halloween

Michael Myers is so creepy while barely doing a thing. He stalks his prey before moving in. We get no facial expressions because he’s wearing that iconic mask, right from the beginning. He’s breathing heavy and walking slowly after you, while also somehow catching up to you very quickly. What is not absolutely terrifying about this villain? 

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This is part of what makes Halloween and Halloween II my favorite horror movies of all time. They are such classics. I’m always amazed at the original with how little special effects they had and how they could scare you with being creative. I’ve seen the first two so often that they can’t scare me anymore, but I enjoy them every time. 

Strangely enough, as much as I tout Halloween as my favorite, I had only seen seven out of the eleven films in the series, and other than the original two, they were all reboots starting in 1998. It was definitely time to remedy that. 

Halloween and Halloween II

I can’t watch Halloween without watching Halloween II in the same sitting. It picks up right where the first leaves off, and your Halloween can’t be complete without finishing the epic night. 

It’s crazy to think that Michael Myers starts as a babysitter stalker, and he doesn’t become the legend he is until the second installment. 

The body count goes up as Michael makes his way to Laurie Strode. Not all of the deaths are on screen, but it makes for a nice kind of haunted house as the bodies are discovered. My favorite death sequence is that hot tub scene—two great deaths. Michael is much quieter about his deaths than Jason and Freddy, but he throws some imaginative ones in there, too.

This may have been the millionth time I’ve watched these films, but for me, they never get old. Grab some snacks, sit back, and enjoy this great double feature

Halloween III: Season of the Witch 

I have no idea why this is a Halloween movie. Michael Myers is only on a TV screen in the movie Halloween. This is a different universe than Michael, and it deals with witches trying to take over the world, with Stonehenge. This might be interesting if you wanted to watch a different movie than the Halloween series. This was never a movie I wanted to watch. But I did it since my goal was to watch all the Halloween films. I did it, and now I can move on. 

If you are interested in watching a bizarre witch and Stonehenge movie, go right ahead, but if you are just interested in Myers, you can skip this one. 

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 

I had never seen these installments before.
I spent a good portion being confused because, as you may know, Jamie Lee Curtis is back in Halloween H20

These movies center around Laurie’s seven-year-old daughter, Jamie Llyod (also confusing because she has a son in H20). The Return of Michael Myers isn’t that exciting. It’s just not interesting to watch Michael come after a seven-year-old, but after that trauma, Jamie kills her grandmother in a similar costume that Michael killed his sister. It’s a nice nod to the original one. 

The Revenge of Michael Myers picks up the storyline and is much better. While most of the deaths were off-screen, the creepiness of the originals is renewed in this installment. I do recommend checking out this one. 

In these two films, Laurie Strode is dead. She died in a car accident off-screen. Clearly, the filmmakers didn’t expect the Halloween franchise to go on for 40 years

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers 

This installment is for Michael Myers fans. This film creates the Cult of Michael. It’s also Paul Rudd’s first leading role. He looks almost the same as he does today. It’s only his hair that’s different. He plays that little boy from the original, Tommy Doyle, all grown up. 

From the moment I saw Paul was in this film, I wanted to check it out. He’s great in it, but as a Michael Myers fan, I enjoyed seeing the legend of Michael 17 years later. This is especially clear with Tommy. He has a weird obsession with the boogie man as he lives across the street from where it all started. 

Jamie Lee Curtis
Entertainment Weekly

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later 

While the franchise has had its missteps along the way, Halloween is better at breathing new life into the series than
Friday the 13 was. It changes things up at
a quicker pace, so you don’t get bored with Michael. 

This installment erases the last three movies and brings back Jamie Lee Curtis to play her iconic role. She’s a headmistress at a private school, and Josh Hartnett is playing her son, and Michelle Williams is playing his girlfriend. It’s classic Michael Myers stalking his prey and killing anyone who gets in his way of getting to his sister, and Halloween H20 time portals you back to the late 90s. 

I watched this film when it first came out. Hello, Dawson’s Creek fan here. But really, it’s a great film and keeps the legendary villain alive. It’s always worth a re-watch. 

Halloween: Resurrection

I love this installment. It was released as reality TV was becoming extremely popular. While I am not a reality TV fan, this movie uses it very well. Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks are producers putting on a Halloween special where a group of students are chosen to spend Halloween night in Michael Myers’ old house to look for clues to how he ended up becoming a serial killer. The clues are, of course, planted. But Michael makes an appearance and starts knocking off the contestants as the world watches. 

Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks
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Resurrection is still pretty relevant today, with reality TV still being a staple in people’s TV diets. Who doesn’t want to watch Michael Myers kill off people in his home? They are trespassing, after all. 

Rob Zombie on set of Halloween

Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009) 

Rob Zombie rebooted the franchise with his take on Michael Myers. He brings his great edge to the series, but also looks at mental health. The original sees Michael killing his sister but doesn’t show the signs that led to that. In part II, he delves into how Laurie is doing after going through that traumatic event. Then, learning she’s Michael Myers’ sister. It makes for a dark take on this classic. Not to mention, the death scenes are way bloodier. I don’t think the human body has that much blood to make the entire room be drenched, but it ups the scare factor and intensity. 

Danielle Harris (Twitter)

Fun fact! Danielle Harris returns to play Annie. She played Lourie’s daughter in The Return of Michael Myers and The Revenge of Michael Myers.

Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis
Source: netflakes.ca

Rob also made an excellent choice with Malcolm McDowell playing Dr. Loomis. He’s exactly what I would expect from a modern-day version. He’s wrapped up in the fame his book about Michael brought him. Maybe try watching these films on Halloween instead of the originals for an extra dark and scary night. 

I watched these once when they came out, but I remembered very little of them. Halloween stuck in my mind as being a carbon copy of the original, with extra gore. Clearly, it’s more than that. And the second one, I remember flashes of the hospital and ending sequences. It’s funny how your mind remembers things. This was worth a rewatch to enjoy Zombie’s adaptation fully. 

Halloween (2018)

Forty years after the original, Jamie returns. This installment erases all the films, except the first. Laurie has been planning for Michael’s return. Think a rated-R version of Home Alone. It’s three generations of Strode women standing up against Michael Myers. 

I went into the theater in 2018, not expecting that much. I somehow forget every time how much I do enjoy these films. I get reboot and sequel fatigue because Hollywood can’t seem to come up with anything new. But this is one of the best in the series. And was just as good the second time around. Plus, we have two more coming our way: Halloween Kills in 2021 and Halloween Ends (TBD). 

Since Halloween will not be the one we hoped for this year, this may be the perfect time to have a Halloween marathon. If you can’t go trick-or-treating with your kids or dress up to go drinking with your friends, Michael Myers is the perfect companion for this year. Happy Halloween! 

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