Sinful Snacks: No Bones About Disney’s Treats this Halloween

Everyone’s got their Samhain traditions. May it be carving Jack O’Lanterns on National Pumpkin Day, or Trick or Treating with the little monsters on the 31st. Gina of Mermaid Eats heads down to Orlando, FL with her hubby-to-be for what they call their “Annual Halloween & Star Wars Trip”. No travel advisory is scary enough to keep these creeps away from the new Rise of the Resistance ride or Epcot’s Wine and Food Festival. (More reviews to come!)

While wandering Hollywood Studios, Gina came across a delightful pastry that tickled her funny bone! The Backlot Express at Echo Lake delivers a menu of Americana diner favorites, but during October they feature a Halloween Exclusives section including the Box of Bones Chocolate Éclair. The chocolate Éclair is filled with dark chocolate mousse and adorably wicked white chocolate bones.

You can also get your hands on their Frozen Apple Cider (frozen apple cider topped with green apple Boba Pearls) and add a souvenir Poison Apple Glow Cube for a small fee.

Here is what Gina had to say about the Box of Bones Chocolate Éclair in this edition of Sinful Snacks:

“It’s moist!”

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  1. […] stops included The Backlot Express for their Halloween exclusive Box of Bones Chocolate Éclair, and Gaston’s Tavern for The Grey Stuff cupcake. Of course the Oga’s Cantina at the […]


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