Sinful Snacks: The Annual Beheading of Rudy’s Gingerbread Man

When we asked Gina to review her favorite winter holiday treat, we weren’t entirely surprised by the morbid outcome. It seems a lot of people enjoy the cannibalistic tradition of tearing body parts off tiny baked people with their teeth.

After finding one of the oldest pastry shops in Ridgewood, NY she proceeded to dive her teeth into their version of the gingerbread confection.

Scroll down to watch our favorite mermaid adorably destroy a Gingerbread Man from Rudy’s Pastry Shop.

Rudy’s opened in 1934, and for more than 80 years we’ve stayed true to our roots.  We’re still serving old-world favorites like Beinenstich, Strudel and our famous Black Forest Cake

905 Seneca Avenue
Ridgewood, NY 11385
(718) 821-5890

Rudy’s recently made the news when their business quickly pivoted to outdoor dining amid NYC’s COVID-19 restrictions. This historical spot wasn’t going to let the virus stop it! Thank you for the mention!Posted by Rudy Pastry Shop on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bye Bye, Mr. Gingerbread Man

A local business filled with amazing goodies in December!

gina from mermaid eats

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