Sin Dee NYC’s 31 Halloween Horror Flicks – 2020

Of all Halloweens, this might be the best year for a good-old-fashioned horror movie binge fest. We hope our annual list of 31 Halloween Horror Flicks will give you a fun distraction to the true horror right outside our windows. Take a look at favorite picks from The Sinners for the 2020 Samhain season:

  1. Girl on the Third Floor
    CM Punk in a horror flick. Enough said.
  1. The Silence Of The Lambs
    RIP Sin Dee’s mom, Judy. This one’s for her. Her favorite horror movie.
  1. The Invitation
  2. Mom and Dad
  3. 1BR
  1. Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell
    Read our special edition of Halloween Horror Flicks—Rewind Marathons: Friday the 13th while you’re at it.

Let’s get to know The Sinners a little better. We’ve asked each one to give us their top three picks for this Quarantine-Halloween:

Andres Schiffino

The Babysitter’s Guide to Hunting Monsters
  1. The Babysitter’s Guide to Hunting Monsters
    “Unlike the unfortunate babysitters in the classic Halloween by John Carpenter, these babysitters are no victims. They kick monster butt. The Babysitter’s Guide to Hunting Monsters is a goofy and ghoulish film with well-done creature effects, fine performances from the young cast, and a charming story with enough thrills for the whole family.” 
  2. The Shed
    “On Shudder there are plenty of frightful films to choose from, but The Shed is my top choice due to gory effects, its classic movie monster, and novel premise. The film has a retro 80s horror field that is less cheese and more honest homage.”
  3. Antebellum

Mandy Carr

Get Out
Source: charactersonthecouch.com
  1. Get Out
    Put quite frankly, “Get Out scared the shit out of me, which doesn’t happen very often anymore.”
  2. IT Chapter II
  3. Halloween I & II
    Mandy traditionally watches these together and counts it at as one film. We’ll give it to her, since she put up a great argument in our 2018 list: “They complete each other. Halloween II starts right where the first one leaves off, and you get all the backstory. It’s a complete movie-watching experience when you watch them back to back.”

Gina Rizzi-Lakiotes

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    No surprise there. Have you seen NYC’s living Disney Princess? Yea, that’s Gina. Part mermaid, part rock-n-roll.
  2. Army of Darkness
  3. Die Hard
    She may be all about sweet treats, but don’t argue with Gina on this or you’ll see her sour side… It’s a Halloween movie!

Lauryn Yovino

Vincent Price, House of Wax
Source: IMDB
  1. The Evil Dead
    Lauryn’s particular to the 1981 classic in this frightful franchise. “I love those old school special effects”.
  2. Poltergeist
  3. House of Wax (1953)
    Another old-school favorite starring Vincent Price. Lauryn calls this treat, “Vintage baby!”

Sin Dee

  1. The Babysitter
    “I just love a good horror-comedy. The Babysitter pokes fun at the horror genre, but unlike Wayans’ Scary Movie there’s a plot to follow. It’s got all the ingredients of a classic: hot high-school chicks, satanic rituals, and a nice urban neighborhood as the backdrop. Once you’re done check out the new sequel. It’s a treat!”
  2. The Babysitter: Killer Queen
  3. Wrinkles the Clown
    “I don’t want to ruin this for you, so I highly recommend you DON’T read up on it before viewing. Heck, skip the description on your screen and hit play as fast as you can. Dive in and suspend your disbeliefs for a moment.” Warning: Those with Coulrophobia should avoid this one.

Happy Watching, Sinners!

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