Sinful Snacks: A Taste Tour of NOLA (Featuring The New Orleans Vampire Café)

Though we love our grungy streets of NYC, in November we began to feel restless longing for our pre-COVID vacations. Our solution was to hunt down authentic creole cuisine of NOLA in our own concrete jungle. Gina of Mermaid Eats found Staten Island’s Bayou Restaurant which we featured in the Sinful Snacks post “Where the Big Easy meets the Big Apple”. If we couldn’t be in the French Quarter we could at least pretend.

Putting 2020 behind us, we’re slowly and cautiously venturing out of our tiny New York apartments and into the world. Like a noble creature of the night, we descended upon NOLA as the first location. To our dark delight, Gina discovered a fledgling haunt— The New Orleans Vampire Café. Read the review below along with a few other favorite Sinful Snacks recommendations.

Royal House

This is actually Gina’s favorite restaurant to visit on her New Orleans trips. The service is incredible, locally owned, all COVID safety restrictions in place, and located right in the French Quarter. Sinner Gina says the mini Crab Claws are to die for! Fresh Blue Crab Claws sautéed in a lemon, garlic butter sauce with toasted French Bread for dipping.

Taste Of New Orleans
A Sampling Of The City’s Most Famous Dishes:
Cajun Chicken & Andouille Jambalaya, Crawfish Etouffée, Red Beans & Rice, And Chicken Andouille Gumbo

She also recommends trying the Taste of NOLA (pictured above), and the Alligator Bites are “done perfectly”. Mmm tastes like chicken!

Café Beignet

How does Mermaid Eats‘ star Gina stay so fit? Apparently her breakfast routine in NOLA consists of a trip to Café Beignet each morning for Pecan waffles, Iced Café Au Lait and of course puffy, fresh and sweet beignets (pictured above). I guess she had those DDP Yoga DVDs on repeat when she got back to NYC.

The New Orleans Vampire Café

New vamp on the block, The New Orleans Vampire Café is everything you would expect. Featuring a cocktail menu arranged by blood type, and creole staples like Blackened Alligator —Tender blackened alligator served with vampire cream sauce.

According to their website visiting the café is a complete occult experience:

“Indulge in a tea leaf reading, to discover insights of your life – those things that need attention. For deeper insight, meet with our tarot reader, Nancy for a reading or let her build your astrological chart.”

Pictured: Blood Orange Crème Brulee, Afternoon coffee
Photo courtesy:

Gina Says The Vampire Café is Worth the Trip:

Gina squeezing in a visit to her favorite spot Royal House

“Local based, sweet staff, huge bar/cocktail list, plus coffee and tea options. The décor and theme is really fun and fits New Orleans. It was great for after our Ghost and History tour.”

Here’s where you can find the Sinful Snacks locations Gina visited in NOLA:

Royal House
441 Royal Street

Cafe Beignet
311 Bourbon Street

The New Orleans Vampire Café
801 Royal Street

Send us your suggestions for upcoming Sinful Snack reviews:

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