Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to 420 (2021)

Here at Sin Dee NYC, we take the 4/20 holiday pretty seriously. As a self-proclaimed Marijuana Advocate, many of my #SinSpeaks videos show my personal path to obtaining a medical card, and battles with landlords & neighbors over the skunky smell. I’ve fought hard for my right to toke publicly. So I like to think of 420 as an opportunity to educate everyone on the benefits of our Sweet Mary Jane.

On a lighter note, I usually take a Personal Day from work to celebrate the great ganja. Unsuccessfully holding a 24hr smoke out challenge for the past few years (my personal best is 18hrs). I create stoner music and movie playlists, dip into other forms of cannabis like edibles/wax, and most importantly CHILLLLL.

Luckily, Mary Jane’s reputation has improved since the Reefer Madness days. Pop culture continues to embrace the lazy lettuce including it in popular tv shows and hit singles. Exposing the true benefits of marihuana, medical or not, to a culture that otherwise thought of potheads as low-income criminals. From the arthritic elderly lady down the block to the big Bad Bunny, 420 is the day we all show appreciation for the gift from nature with a bad rep. So grab your best buds and … Pass that LEGAL Kush!

Legally Lighting Up in New York

Thursday, April 1st will go down in New York history as the day recreational use of marijuana was legalized in our state. After patiently (and jealously) watching other American states pass their bills, our time has finally come. Gone are the days of pothead discriminations like lost job opportunities, lazy stereotypes, and unfair criminal records. The rules have changed.

The move paves the way for a potential $4.2 billion industry, with millions of dollars in sales tax revenue reinvested in minority communities each year.

The New York Times

Though it may take up to a year from now to get things running smoothly, here are the quick and dirty rules for New York:

  • People over 21 years of age can possess, obtain, purchase, or transport up to 3 ounces of cannabis or 24 grams of its concentrated forms like oils/wax.
  • You can smoke marijuana wherever it’s legal to smoke tobacco. This means NO to parks, school zones, government buildings, and anywhere else you see “smoke free” signs.
  • You are allowed to grow up to six plants at home.
  • Legalization is effective immediately, but legal sales won’t begin for another year.

But selling it remains off limits for the time being, putting the state in something of a gray area: It’s legal to buy and possess up to three ounces of marijuana, but it’s still illegal (for now) to sell it.

New York legalized recreational marijuana. Here’s how much you can now possess

Along with the freedom to toke down the street, comes the automatic expungement of records for people with marijuana related convictions that are no longer seen as criminal. However, don’t go around congratulating your previously wronged friends and family. On 4/1 I did just that and was hit with the blunt (pun intended) response: “I’m glad it’s off my record, but it doesn’t erase the shit I went through when it happened”. Society is moving in the right direction as far as acceptance of cannabis use, but the scars we’ve endured to get here still exist. Folks busted for selling still have a struggle ahead of them. The fight in NYC isn’t over just yet.

If you’re well versed in legal jargon you can read the full Bill from the NY Senate here.

Heading Out of Highbernation

We’re finally seeing some venue reopenings in NYC after vaccinations hit town. With the Devil’s Lettuce accepted as a legal recreational act in the city you can expect to see a lot more 420 events openly advertised this year without having to use the code words “hemp” or “CBD” .

Our top picks for events in NYC on 4/20/21:

  • 3rd Annual National Cannabis Freedom Festival*
    Educational Cannabis Conference & Festival of Knowledge all about Cannabis. We have speakers, exhibitors, vendors, music, food, and guest performance ,and guest DJ’s. We focus on the upcoming Legal and Recreational Cannabis coming to New York City, and the Black & Latino Communities will not be left out.
    Loft172 | 172 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
    2:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    *The Sinners will be in attendance. Say hi and grab some SDNYC swag!
  • 4/20: A Tribute to Bob Marley
    The Cafe Wha? House Band pays tribute to the man who brought reggae out of Jamaica and spread it across the world. Not only the music, but his messages, activism, and efforts to create a more loving society still impacts the world today, and his songs are still used to create harmony in troubling times.
    Cafe What? | 115 Macdougal, New York, NY 10012
    7:00 PM Doors, 8:00 PM Show
  • David Peel 420 Memorial Celebration: in-venue show + livestream*
    Celebrate the life of marijuana minstrel David Peel on his favorite day – 420 – in a party featuring live music from popular NYC bands: Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music (fronted by none other than Joey Ramone’s brother), The Cynz, Sea Monster (favorite house band of NY’s Hells Angels), SoulCake, and the David Peel Memorial Band.
    The Bowery Electric | 327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003
    6:30 PM  11:00 PM
    *This is a party featuring a livestream of the show taking place on 4/16. To attend the actual taping get tickets here. Heck… be a part of both!

Magical Munchies

I finally got my hands on some cannibutter this year and cooked up my first infused dish. Naturally I wanted to make pot brownies to please the teenager in me, but inspired by a piece of toffee I went a more mature route. This recipe for chocolate Weed Toffee is super simple and doesn’t require much cooking. The trickiest part is stirring up fresh caramel, but if you’ve ever made a flan before you’ll be just fine.

Ready for the freezer
Final product

Luckily, my cannibutter was passed along from a friend who owns a MagicalButter Machine. However, you can always try whipping up your own ‘butta with this Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment from High Times.

If you rather have your edibles made for you, we suggest giving Gourmet Cannabis Pizza a try. Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza is made by a Brooklynite, rightfully dubbed The Pizza Pusha. The food is as good as any dollar slice joint, but the sneaky subtlety of the infusion makes for a chill pizza party. We tried the pizza, Ganja knots, and chicken lollipops. Deliveries are available in Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, Jersey City, and the East Village. Otherwise you can make a night of it and reserve a 2.5-hr Food Tasting at $100 per person. Speak-Easy style, the location will be disclosed to you after you book.

Ganja Knots & Chicken Lollipops
Double sides & of course Pizza!

Show Your Pride

We no longer have to question where we wear our pot leaf socks to in NYC. Embrace the freedom to sport your ganja gear this 4/20 holiday. I did my online shopping at this year. They put together a nice collection of cannabis inspired make-up, accessories, and clothing, so you don’t have to waste any time searching for “pot leaf”. Check out their Thru Da Haze page and start planning your 420 outfit.

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