Sinful Screenings: Satanic Cults, Snuff Films, or a Dog — What’s Behind ‘The Sons of Sam’?

Conspiracy theories or truth? The latest documentary on the Son of Sam killings focuses on New York City investigative journalist Maury Terry and his quest to prove and get people to believe his theories that the infamous serial killer David Berkowitz didn’t act alone and was part of a cult. 

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First Letter from S.O.S

Netflix’s The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness has you wondering if there is more to the Sons of Sam killings that the NYPD missed. You’ll find yourself googling things because Maury’s case is so compelling. Someone should seriously turn these theories into a horror movie or TV show because it would be horrifying. Plus, there is even a whole segment on how the Son of Sam killings could be linked to the Manson Family

The first episode starts with a good refresher of the murders or a great way for newcomers to learn about what happened. Then, it dives into what Maury Terry thought happened. At heart, it’s about Terry’s quest. He believed with all his soul that he was right, and he found a lot of evidence to prove his theory right, but the case consumed him. He sacrificed everything for his investigation. He was even working on the case hours before he died

Daily News, 1977 | Son of Sam Victim, Stacy Moskowitz

The Process |

A significant portion of the documentary is spent on the satanic cult that David Berkowitz was allegedly involved in called The Children. The group is believed to be connected to Charles Manson’s group, which is also thought to be tied to the Process Church of the Final Judgment. Though, the church denies those claims and somehow became the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Maury Terry finds connections to mysterious deaths throughout the country too. It’s mind-blowing how big the Son of Sam murders could be. It certainly made me feel uneasy when he accused two men with the same last name as me to be involved in these killings. Sam Carr (the famous dog owner) and his son John Carr, who then ended up dead.

Sam Carr & the “Demon” Black Lab |

The final episode is aptly named “Rabbit Hole.” It truly feels like we go down the rabbit hole with Maury Terry.  There are so many events that could be connected, but it also seems absurd at parts too. The entire thing is bone-chilling and makes you wonder if what we believed to take place on the nights of the murders in ‘76 and ‘77 is what really happened. We may never have all the answers. 

Terry got an interview with Berkowitz, and part of it is featured in the series. You get to hear the serial killer’s recollections of what happened during his citywide killing spree. 

The Netflix documentary ends on a very odd note. It closes the door on one of the murders Maury believed to be connected to The Children, The Process, and the Son of Sam murders. It leaves you with a weird feeling, wondering, was this all really just conspiracy theories, and was I just sucked into the madness? And the final shot is even stranger yet. You’ll understand what I mean when you see the last frame—Sorry, no spoilers!

Despite the bizarre ending, The Sons of Sam is worth the watch. It depicts the occult and the media frenzy that makes for very creepy TV. Binge the four-part mini-series and decide for yourself if there is more to the Son of Sam killings.

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