SDNYC’s Guide to Getting Hitched in Sin City

If tradition isn’t your thing and you’ve been toying with the idea of eloping in Vegas, we say go for it!

Sin Dee did just that on July 7, 2021. Find out her tips and tricks for getting hitched in Sin City:

The KISS Wedding Chapel & Mini Golf Course

After getting engaged we had to decide on a time and place for our nuptials. We weighed our options during COVID and originally planned on tying the knot at the Heavy Metal bar in Brooklyn where we met. Having already agreed on a non-traditional ceremony, we were still faced with making travel, decor, and food arrangements. This was still too much work for the offbeat shindig we had in mind. After a quick Google search of “Rock and Roll Vegas Weddings” our dream was about to come true. We found The Love it Loud, Rock n’ Roll Chapel appropriately located inside the KISS Mini Golf Course in Las Vegas. The chapel is technically a one-stop Vegas joint, but the packages they offered included anything and everything you could want for a wedding. You can even rent a pair of Gene Simmons-esque boots!

Saving us the hassle of all those arrangements, we chose a deal that includes ceremony, cake, professional photographer, and a “Rock n Roll” minister of our choice—we picked Beetlejuice. We also received two free passes to enjoy the KISS Mini Golf course and treated the rest of our crew to a round as our “reception”. Our guests sported VIP lanyards and we were gifted some sweet swag like temporary tattoos and souvenir poker chips.

The Love it Loud crew was extremely attentive from day one. We personalized our package swapping a cake for cupcakes, and choosing our entrance/exit songs. We were thrilled to have one contact to deal with all the vendors for us.

Pretty In Punk

The entire outfit cost less than a traditional wedding gown itself. Most of it can be worn again and I felt comfortable and cute. Everything an offbeat bride like myself could ask for her big day.

  • Like any typical bride, I was on the hunt for a dress once the ring was slipped on my finger. What I wanted was anything but a typical wedding dress. Aiming for a pink tulle gown that wouldn’t cost a fortune, I found my perfect dress on A gorgeous Femme Luxe Exclusive Corset Top Layered tulle Midi Dress. With a faux leather top and flowy pale pink skirt it was the perfect blend of punk and princess. For only $75 I purchased my wedding dress, and I can wear it again!
  • I ordered a short custom veil in pink off Etsy to match and give my ensemble a bridal feel. The sparkly star headband that topped my Snooki-approved poof was from David’s Bridal. The only item I bought from an actual bridal shop.
  • Complimenting the rhinestones on my boots and veil, I accessorized with silver jewelry by Vince Camuto.
  • I found a pair of badass Ann Creek boots from Overstock to give my punk princess look a bit more edge. Just like the dress, these boots will be worn again (over and over!).
  • Under the skirt was a Lace Garter set from Icing I picked up on sale, and tucked in the boots were adorable embellished socks from Forever 21.

Babes and Dudes

We don’t hang with old maids, so when it came to witnesses and friends we renamed them our “Bride’s Babes and Groom’s Dudes”. We each chose two friends to be in our bridal party with the only two conditions: 1. attend, and 2. wear black & white stripes.

With one Babe in town and my Babe of Honor across the country, I built Bride’s Babes proposal boxes. One was hand delivered and the other shipped. Since we had decided on a Beetlejuice theme, I filled the boxes with both creepy and girly gifts and had them arrive around Halloween.

What’s in the Box?!

The Babes and Dudes exceed our expectations and arrived in matching black and white stripes. The ladies even sported black gothic fascinators and some Beetlejuice themed jewelry.

Legalize It

Las Vegas brags about its famous short-and-sweet weddings, but if you want your marriage to be completely legal you’ll have to fill out some paperwork. Before leaving NYC we applied for our Marriage License through the Clark County website. We were approved almost immediately and received a confirmation number to pick up our paperwork when we’re in town. The day before our big day we dropped by the Marriage License Bureau a quick 15 minute cab ride from the hotel. There was only one couple in line when we arrived, and we were in and out with our special package of papers in less than 10 minutes. We even had the option of a formal certificate or one printed with a fun Las Vegas theme featuring a cartoon Showgirl. I chose the latter of course.

Witnesses sign the license making it official!
The Groom at the Marriage License Bureau
Clark Country, NV

Sleeping in Sin City

Sleep might not be the first thing on your mind when you get to Las Vegas, but at some point the heat and exhaustion will hit you and you’ll need to rest. At first we figured the easiest move to make was staying in the Rio which is where the chapel is located. Fortunately, one Bride’s Babe was alerted to a bed bug infestation (eek!) at the Rio one month before our arrival. We quickly canceled our rooms and split up between Planet Hollywood and the Bellagio across the street. In hindsight, PH was a better choice for our wedding week adding to the Rock n’ Roll theme of our special day. We became regulars at the casino’s Heart Lounge and PBR Rock bars, and celebrated our vows at the KOI Japanese restaurant.

Sin Dee outside Planet Hollywood
Marilyn Monroe Cat-Eye Sunglasses | Forever 21

Those of us staying at Planet Hollywood visited The Scene pool deck practically each day of our trip. The hotel’s roof-top pool was more of like a posh pool-side party complete with DJ, Cornhole games on a grassy lawn, two bars to choose from (indoor or outdoor), and two pools on opposite ends. Naturally we gravitated towards the 21+ poll, rather than the family-friendly alternative.

The outdoor bar is located next to the adult pool for easy access to Frozé, Margaritas and other frosty vacation drinks. If you really want a posh stay, you can rent a cabana with lounge chairs, AC, TVs, and waiter service. Some even had extra large beds for basking in the sun. Pack light so you don’t waste any time moving over to the hot tub just a few steps away.

Bride’s Babes at Planet Hollywood
Sin Dee’s “Booty to Die For” at the PH 21+ Pool

Celebrating On & Off the Strip

Double Down Saloon | Las Vegas, NV

Our group of NYC misfits were in party mode the second we landed. Like kids in a candy store we each had a Las Vegas wish list of places to visit. Having spent a lot of time in Vegas working the MAGIC Tradeshow in the past, I already knew two spots off the strip on my list: The Peppermill and the Double Down Saloon. We also had a group outing to The Pinball Hall of Fame later in the week. A must see for any gamer who likes a trip down memory lane. All the pinball machines are playable, including classic button-smashing arcade games.

Music Video featuring The Peppermill (01:37)

When it came to Bachelor and Bachelorette festivities we let our Babes and Dudes make the plans. The ladies met for a a quick Mexican dinner in Planet Hollywood and then I was whisked away to the Uncensored International Show at Senor Frog’s. Hosted by Shannel of Drag Race herstory, the show was a spectacle of overly produced Vegas-style performances split between four stages and high tables that doubled as runways. The sweaty gyrating hunks were pretty to look at, but our promise of uncensored adult entertainment left us craving more. Without a dong in sight, we decided to crash the boys’ bachelor party at Stage Door, “the Best Dive Bar in Las Vegas“. At least those of us coupled up could score some full-frontal nudity after all.

To our delight our wedding was unique, exciting, entertaining, and affordable! The Love it Loud Chapel staff made the entire process effortless. They even called us the next morning to confirm our union was approved and for a small fee they took care of filing our paperwork for us. By the time we arrived back in NYC our signed and sealed paperwork was waiting in our mailbox. Eloping in Vegas was the best choice for us. With a few friends in attendance and a rock and roll ceremony, we sealed the deal in the most fun way we could have imagined.

Mrs. & Mr. “Sugar” | July 7, 2021

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