Sinful Screenings: Halloween Kills Could Be the Beginning of the End for Michael Myers

Halloween Kills is the latest installment in the franchise, and just like with the 2018 film, you must first accept that the new trilogy is messing with the original movies. I’m going to think about it as something like the Arrowverse’s Metaverse. It’s like an alternate timeline of events. This way, I don’t have to give up on my favorite pastime of watching the original Halloween and Halloween II back to back. That being said, I was pretty happy with Halloween Kills

Halloween (2018) had an epic ending of three generations of Strode women coming together to take down Michael Myers. It doesn’t get much better than that. Plus, the rest of the movie was solid. 

There are elements of Halloween Kills that I love. There are so many throwbacks to not just the original but also to Halloween II. Clearly, they were trying to keep long-time fans like me happy while also creating an entire new Halloween. There is also something so great about the storyline of hunting down Michel Myers. 

Halloween Kills brings back a lot of old faces, literally. The original actors who played Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), Leigh Bracket (Charles Cyphers), Marion (Nancy Stephens) and Lindsey (Kyle Richards) are back. As a refresher, Tommy and Lindsey were the two kids being babysat on the night Michael attacked. Bracket was the sheriff and father of one of the victims, Annie. Marion was the nurse with Dr. Loomis. 

The character Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet) is also back but played by a different actor this time. In the original, he and his friends were telling Tommy that the boogyman was coming after him, and later, he dared Tommy to go into the Michael Myers house. 

Not too far into the movie, it goes back to Halloween 1978, continuing to alter the original film’s events. Other than Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers with Paul Rudd as Tommy, most of the films have focused on Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her family. Halloween Kills opens it up to how the events of ‘78 have affected more families and even Haddonfield. A little spoiler alert, Allyson’s (Andi Matichak) boyfriend, Cameron (Dylan Arnold), is Lonnie’s son. 

Halloween was always a pretty simple setup. Michael Myers is killing people on his way home. I have to say, it’s done pretty well with that. Now, Halloween (2018) delves into trauma a bit, and Halloween Kills talks about what fear does to people. It also goes into the lore of Michael and transcends it. 

There are some pretty great kills scenes in this installment and an epic scene at the end. The scenes in the Myers’ house are also outstanding. It’s setting up a pretty monumental Halloween Ends, which I have no idea where they will go with that one. So many people die in this film. It had to be the highest body count of all of them. I lost count from pretty early on. 

Halloween and horror movie fans will be pretty satisfied with the film. It’s not as good as Halloween (2018), but it does Michael Myers justice. He’s always spooky and fantastic to watch. 

Halloween Kills is now in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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