Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to Halloween 2021

At Sin Dee NYC we take Halloween pretty seriously. Before summer is over we start compiling our annual Halloween Horror Flicks list and planning our costumes for the next year. Once the autumn crisp hits the air, we go on the hunt for PSL everything! With 2020 behind us, we added our list of the hottest events in town back into this year’s Guide to Halloween … including the return of the NYC’s Annual Village Halloween Parade.

All Together Now

New Yorkers Rejoice! NYC’s Annual Village Halloween Parade is finally back. After being canceled due to COVID concerns and lack of funding in 2020, a generous donation helped ensure 2021 would be different. The only new rule is masks are mandatory. Which should be easy considering you’re already wearing a costume.

New York City’s 48th Annual Village Halloween Parade
October 31, 2021 at 7 pm | Presented Live by NY1 at 8 pm
*Attendees can look for Sin Dee and our professional photographer taking pics for our next recap review!*

“The nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!”

2021 Theme: In TWO Parts! LET’S PLAY! and ALL Together NOW!

Honoring the Children of NYC and the Child in all of us who yearns to take to the streets and play again! A game involves engagement with others–come up with a costume idea that engages the audience and your fellow marchers –so we can PLAY together once again!”

Other Gruesome Gatherings:

You don’t have to wait for the parade to get your gruesome groove on! Here’s a list of parties, concerts and other events taking place in New York City the rest of the month:

  • Cybertron: Halloween Edition
    Fri October 22 | Knitting Factory, Brooklyn
  • STIMULATE 13th Annual Halloween Demon Ball
    Sat October 23 | ERIS, Brooklyn
  • Heavy Metal Halloween: Death Island, Mockcharge, Elefantkiller, Damn Your Eyes, Firehaze
    Fri October 29 | Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn
  • Defcon NYC Industrial Halloween Bash
    Sat October 30 | Parkside Lounge, NYC
  • GWAR
    HALLOWEEN Sun October 31 | ​Irving Plaza

Go Ghost Hunting IRL

Looking for something extra spooky this year? Right outside the city is home to some of the most infamous paranormal sightings. From witchcraft, the Headless Horseman and even UFOs, the Haunted Hudson makes for an awesome Halloween weekend trip.

Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to the Haunted Hudson

Each Halloween season, droves of tourists visit the very real village of Sleepy Hollow in search of a spooky fun time, but more daring travelers with a morbid curiosity will want to investigate the real-life hauntings in the “Haunted Hudson”. Joined by local historian Dani Spencer, we’ve put together a list of the top places to go ghosts-hunting around the Hudson Valley.

Keep reading

Control Your Candy Cravings

At some point we have to accept we’re too old for trick or treating. Unless you have kids of your own to later steal from, the candy cravings can have you hunting down sweets of your own. Check out resident food reviewer Mermaid Eats‘ latest video as she takes you through some of the hottest snacks of the season. Then head to the store and treat yourself. You’re never too old for Pumpkin Spice!

Move Over Monster Mash!

Aside from classic “Scary Sounds of Halloween” and the Monster Mash, one could say there’s not much in the category of Halloween Music. Sure you could listen to The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack again or throw on some Misfits… or you can dive into the world of the occult. The return of the vinyl record lead to the uncovering of a forgotten genre of spoken-word witchcraft albums. Here’s what Andres Schiffino thought of the most popular records from that time:

Sinful Sounds: The Revival of the Witchcraft Vinyl

The current occult revival has its origins in the counterculture of the 60s. From Satanism to Kitchen Witchery occultists recorded spoken-word albums of magical instructions & rituals, accompanied by eerie or trippy music. Before you listen to these magical recordings, our expert on all things occult gave us his ratings… on an appropriate 1-to-5 pentagram scale!

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Giggles & Gore

We switched things up this year and instead of the best 31 horror flicks for October, we brought you the worst. Get ready for giggles and gore with our “so bad, they’re good” horror movie suggestions.

Sin Dee NYC’s Halloween Horror Flicks 2021 — Special “So Bad, They’re Good” Edition

This Halloween season the The Official Sinners put together a list of their favorite horror flicks that can only be described as “so bad, they’re good”. Whether overly gory, absurdly predictable or just straight silly, we love to hate ’em! Here are our TOP 20 picks.

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Check out these spooky series:

Horror fans can always count on networks releasing something spooky come Halloween. Here are the new seasons and series we’re looking forward to this month:

  • The Movies that Made Us | Season 3 | Streaming on Netflix
    Features: Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Aliens, and The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Chucky | Series Premiere | Tuesdays 10PM | Syfy and USA Network
    Before diving into the new Good Guys adaptation, check out what Mandy Carr of Primetime Addiction thought of the premiere episode…

Sinful Screenings: Chucky Made a New “Friend to the End” in the Syfy/USA Series Premiere

Chucky made a new “Friend to the End”, Jake Wheeler. A teen outsider who doesn’t mind being one. He makes creepy art, listens to murder podcasts, and might be gay. If you’re into the Child’s Play movies, it’s worth checking out the beginning of a beautiful friendship in the premiere of the Chucky series.

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*PLUS* Halloween Kills is in theaters and streaming on Peacock! Need we say more?

Sinful Screenings: Halloween Kills Could Be the Beginning of the End for Michael Myers

Halloween fans will love the many throwbacks in Halloween Kills, while also exploring an entirely new storyline. There’s something so great about hunting down Michael Myers. But this latest installment could be beginning of the end for the franchise!

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Samhain Spirituality

Sin Dee NYC is run by a devoted Wiccan. In addition to the candy, costumes, and celebrating the dark side, Halloween also marks the holiday of Samhain. In pagan culture, this would be the equivalent to “New Year’s Eve”. A time to pause and reflect on the past year and prepare for what’s to come. It is also said to be the most magical time of year where you set your most serious of intentions. Some claim you can communicate more clearly with the otherworldly during this time. Whether counting your blessings or simply carving a jack o’lantern, you can find ideas for your Samhain celebration in Sin Dee NYC’s online BOS (Book of Shadows) on Pinterest.

Happy Halloween, Sinners!

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