Sinful Snacks: Treat Yo’self to Martha’s Country Bakery

Whether you’re taking a 6-ft date the through the labryth of “Love Letters” in Times Square, or sending a Bouqs subscription to your virtual cutie, don’t forget to treat yo’self on February 14th!

Though there are a lot of self-love St. Valentine‘s Day guides out there, we at SDNYC agree the best way to pamper ourselves is with CHOCOLATE. Besides, the Brits have the science to prove it.

We highly recommend grabbing some sweets from your nearest Martha’s Country Bakery. They have 3 locations in Queens, and 2 in Brooklyn— including one with online ordering & delivery. Cozy up with a book, Red Velvet hot chocolate and a cupcake (Gina likes to for the Party M&M‘s), and enjoy some self-love this year. We could all use it.

Gina visited the Astoria location.
Here’s a full list to find a Martha’s Country Bakery near you:

36-21 Ditmars Blvd.

41-06 Bell Blvd.

Forest Hills
70-28 Austin Street

175 Bedford Ave.

263 Bedford Ave.

Pictured above: Cupcakes – Party M&M’s, Choc/Van, Banana,
and of course Key Lime pie

Don’t forget the chocolate covered strawberries! ❤

Gina Says:

“I love going to this bakery in Astoria when I go visit the family.
Martha’s Country Bakery on Ditmars has many great options and they have Vegan options!”

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