The brand Sin Dee NYC was born in 2003 as an extension of the underground, personality Sin Dee (aka Sin Dee Sugar). While attending college for Marketing, Fashion Merchandising and Digital Design, Sin Dee made a name for herself in NYC’s alternative nightlife scenes.

By graduation Sin Dee had “kittened” countless Burlesque shows, worked the runway, developed a large modeling portfolio, appeared on national TV, and began creating & promoting her very own parties. Stepping back from the limelight, the parties and promoting became something more than Sin Dee herself and evolved into Sin Dee NYC.

By 2017 we would grow to launch the SinDeeNYC.com website. Due to the pandemic in 2020, we put a pause on producing events, managing talent and the promotional services we offered our network. Operated by Sin Dee with the assistance of amazing content contributors and volunteers, we turned our focus to the website. Building an outlet for the local news, food, music & movie reviews, and pop-culture entertainment updates our community craves. Sin Dee NYC further evolved last year when Sin Dee NYC, LLC was formed. This led to the addition of merchandise and ticket sales on the website. As well as more opportunities for our content contributors to attend and cover NYC events.


Our mission is to provide an ongoing portfolio of NYC’s underground culture and connect the alternative scene’s events and talent. Our goal is to build SinDeeNYC.com up to a full user-friendly, accessible and a fully responsive community where users can interact. A platform where NYC’s misfits can connect and stay informed on what really matters to them. We hope to return to event productions and promotions soon, and finally operate our own venue in the years to come.


Sin Dee NYC, LLC has been involved in fundraising for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, NYC Pride, and the Coney Island Mermaid Parade (Superstorm Sandy Relief). Our annual showcase fundraiser event is something our audience looks forward to. Each year we choose one cause and work with a local NYC venue to create a free SDNYC spectacle. Funds are raised through sponsored raffles, while the most unique performers and DJs in NYC donate their entertainment.

Future goal causes include: Pagan Pride, Women’s Rights, Animal Welfare, Music Education


About Us

Sin Dee NYC was born in 2003 as an extension of the underground personality, Sin Dee. Today, SinDeeNYC.com is operated by Sin Dee with the assistance of amazing content contributors and volunteers. An ongoing portfolio of NYC’s underground culture, and a platform where the alt community can connect and stay informed on what really matters to them: News & Reviews from NYC’s Underground!

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Sin Dee Sugar (HBIC)

Sin Dee is a full-time marketing professional and experienced event coordinator/promoter, who focuses her free time on running Sin Dee NYC, LLC. Born and raised in New York City, she worked her way from in the spotlight to behind the scenes. Known for her creative edge, she decided to blend her knowledge of the professional and alternative worlds to start the Sin Dee NYC brand in 2003.

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Past Events

Filled with strutting volunteers, vivacious bartenders, mind-blowing performers, and sponsored by the most exciting niche brands, each Sin Dee NYC event is much more than just a party.

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Professional Services

Special Events

Custom & professional event production, coordination, and promotional services.

Digital Marketing

Take a break from social media and let us develop & execute a corporate-level digital plan for you.

Graphic Design

Enhance your brand image with expertly designed logos, web ads, site banners, and more!


Work with our team of cross-brand influencers, offer exclusive sales, or advertise on our site.

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