Andres Schiffino

Andres Schiffino is a freelance journalist and playwright specializing in alternative subcultures, underground art, and film and the fringes of pop culture.

Check out his work:

  • Sinful Screenings: Sound of Metal
    It’s every musician’s worst nightmare: Hearing Loss. Metalhead or not, Sound of Metal is a fascinating film worth watching. Not only for Darius Marder’s direction & Riz Ahmed’s acting, but for its respectful & honest portrayal of the deaf community.
  • Sinful Screenings: Freaky (Exclusive Preview!)
    Spoiler Alert, Sinners! We caught an exclusive preview of the movie Freaky streaming this Friday the 13th. An updated version of the Disney classic Freaky Friday. This time instead of mother & daughter, a teenage girl and a homicidal maniac swap bodies. Check out our latest review.
  • Sinful Screenings: Vampires vs. the Bronx
    In this largely successful effort, Rodriguez creates an urban horror that is both humorous and thrilling while offering a thin layer of social commentary. Viva el Bronx!

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