Andres Schiffino

Andres Schiffino is a freelance journalist and playwright specializing in alternative subcultures, underground art, and film and the fringes of pop culture.

Check out his work:

  • Sinful Screenings: The Masque of the Red Death Eerily Mirrors a COVID Lockdown
    Give it to B-movie maverick, Roger Corman to know when to exploit a global pandemic. The 4k restoration of The Masque of the Red Death released this week is beautiful, if that’s the word to describe a film bathed in blood. In COVID-lockdown, the time was ripe for this horror classic to infect a new generation.
  • The Iconic Images of the Ultimate Muse, David Bowie (Review)
    January is David Bowie’s birthday AND the five year anniversary of his death. The Ultimate David Bowie Collection from Iconic Images highlights how extensive Bowie’s career was and how much he continues to fascinate and influence fans and fellow musicians. This is what we thought of the virtual gallery.
  • Sinful Screenings: Sound of Metal
    It’s every musician’s worst nightmare: Hearing Loss. Metalhead or not, Sound of Metal is a fascinating film worth watching. Not only for Darius Marder’s direction & Riz Ahmed’s acting, but for its respectful & honest portrayal of the deaf community.

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