Andres Schiffino

<strong>Entertainment Contributor</strong>
Entertainment Contributor

Andres Schiffino is a freelance journalist and playwright specializing in alternative subcultures, underground art & film, and the fringes of pop culture.

Check out his work:

Experience the Funky Fresh Fusion of “New York, New Music: 1980-1986”

New York, New Music: 1980 – 1986 presents the city as a hotbed of creativity whose influence would reach beyond city limits and affect the world in culture, art and fashion. The collection is not only thorough, but incredibly vibrant and eclectic which perfectly conveys the scene.


Sun, June 27th 2021, the LGBTQIA community and their allies partied in the streets of NYC in the first major public celebration since the pandemic hit. 🌈 Get the T on all the NYC Pride events. PART 1: Our review of the NYC Pride March 🏳‍🌈 (Featuring photos by Richard Scalzo)

A Legal 420 Day in NYC at the National Cannabis Freedom Festival (plus exclusive Q&A with Mayoral Candidate Dianne Morales)

This 4/20 was a monumental one for stoners in New York City. This was the first 420 Day after Governor Al Cuomo announced marijuana legalized in New York State. While it was certainly a time for partying, it was also a chance to address many economic and legal issues that have plagued marijuana prohibition. It was under this political climate that the National Cannabis Freedom Festival (NCFF) held its first post-legalization event in NYC.

Sinful Sounds: Silvertomb Sticks to their NYHC Roots in Latest Single “So True”

Rising from the ashes of Seventh Void and with roots in NY legends Type O Negative and Agnostic Front, Silvertomb is tough enough to survive and make its dent in the metal scene. While recording this album, most of the band never quit their blue-collar union jobs. They live metal the only way you can 🤘 by sticking to your roots & never giving up. This theme of tenacity and survival is evident in their debut album Edge of Existence.

Sinful Screenings: The Masque of the Red Death Eerily Mirrors a COVID Lockdown

Give it to B-movie maverick, Roger Corman to know when to exploit a global pandemic. The 4k restoration of The Masque of the Red Death released this week is beautiful, if that’s the word to describe a film bathed in blood. In COVID-lockdown, the time was ripe for this horror classic to infect a new generation.


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