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  • Sinful Snacks: A 420 Fest Taste Test
    Rows of vendors lined the perimeter of Amazura's dance floor at the NYC:420 fest by NY-Harvest Fest in Queens. Plants, seeds, flower, edibles, clothes, glass, supplies, and cannabis inspired art were on sale. Check out this special edition of Sinful Snacks for a review of my 420 haul and thoughts on the festival's food & bev situation.
  • A Brave New World for NY Potheads (NYC: 420 Fest – Recap & Gallery)
    NYC’s first cannabis cup after legalization arrived this past 4/20 with a large event headlined by Bob Marley’s old compatriots The Wailers. NYC: 420 by was a combination concert festival, marketplace, fashion show & art happening. Get the details and find out what we thought of the night's festivities.
  • Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to 420 (2022)
    Can you taste the progress? Pot supporters have so much to celebrate this 4/20! Check out the 2022 SDNYC Guide to 4/20 for a list of NYC events, the dopest tools & gear, and a few cures for the 'muchies'.
  • Troma Reimagines The Tempest in #ShakespearesShitstorm
    #ShakespearesShitstorm is sure to be a modern gross-out classic. Somehow, Troma has been able to surpass the infamous shunting scene in Society in terms of sheer perversion and body horror in Lloyd Kaufman's unique take on the Avant Bard play, The Tempest. If this truly is Kaufman’s last film, he will go out on the top of his game!
  • Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to Yule 2021
    Grab your Yule logs it's the Winter Solstice! Today, 12/21 marks the time of year when the Sun is reborn and a new season is upon us. Here are some of our favorite modern takes on pagan yuletide traditions.

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