Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to the NYC Lockdown (COVID-19)

Before we head down that creepy Cabin Fever road and the streets start resembling Mad Max, let's chill. Sin Dee NYC's guide to surviving the lock-down includes ways to be productive, have fun, and up your skills. Stay safe, and keep calm. We'll be OK, Sinners.

Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to Halloween in NYC (INCLUDING Steps Cooler Than Joker’s)

This Halloween, channel your inner witch, Trick or Treat at any age, and visit creepy steps cooler than Joker's!

Sin Dee NYC’s 31 Halloween Horror Flicks – 2019

We're baaaaaaack! It's every Sinner's favorite time of year. So grab your pumpkin spice goodies and curl up on the couch for 31 of our favorite horror films. Follow along on Instagram as Sin Dee works down the list herself! Enjoy, Sinners & Happy Halloween.

Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to Burning Man – 2019

This year's Burning Man will take place from Sunday, August 25th thru Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day). This will be my second year in attendance. In 2015 I joined the Vulcan Empire (Empire Fire Collective) themed camp. Though I wasn't a fire spinner, I attended regular rehearsals and learned how to be part of the … Continue reading Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to Burning Man – 2019