Deadline is a program developed by Sin Dee specifically designed to put alternative brands on the path to a successfully run business. After years of working with business owners who were artists, goths, punks, burners, and the likes that make up the alternative scene, she noticed her community was in need of a key ingredient to truly make their brands succeed. Sin Dee realized that a majority of the time – the more creative and free the mind, the less likely they understood the basics of running a business and marketing their brands. True artists are so passionate and immersed in their work that running the business end of things is the last on their mind. So, Sin Dee decided to put her marketing experience to work and has helped several start-ups and unique niche brands increase sales and recognition through hands-on coaching. Deadline is a work in progress but currently provides services in: business coaching, budget structuring, marketing plans and execution, brand and style development, and custom design of presentations and promotional collateral.


“Marketing has always been a total mystery to me. Not only did I not understand how to do it properly, but I also hated having to do it! All the help guides I had read before consulting with Sin Dee were not speaking my language! Sin Dee explains marketing in a way that is fun and exciting. It was a relief to finally have someone take my alternative, burner friendly clothing company seriously and understood my passion.


 Sin Dee helped me develop a marketing plan, business schedule, budget, and helped design my website. She helped me find my ideal clients! I immediately began to see growth in my social media followers, and even better more sales! Long story short, you should work with Sin Dee, she’s a bad ass and you’ll have a blast but at the same time you will get shit done and see your business grow!” 


Snowflake, Owner/Designer, Snowflake Hoops



Sin Dee is an accomplished brand marketing professional by day with expertise in developing and managing an array of integrated marketing campaigns. Seasoned in creating and executing comprehensive strategic programs to drive sales, ROI, brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Experienced in client management and direction of internal teams and outside vendors.

In the spirit of Deadline’s mission, please only inquire about services if your company or business idea can be classified as an “alternative” or “micro-niche” brand.