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SINFUL SCREENINGS: THE END OF CAOS (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 premiered December 31st on Netflix. Read what Mandy had to say about Sabrina Morningstar, the Queen of Hell 🤘 in the final season of CAOS.

Sinful Snacks: Indoor Dining (and Drinking) Only an Hour Away at Dutchess Biercafe

There’s no challenge too big for resident foodie, Gina. After the ban on indoor dining in NYC last month, she found The Dutchess Biercafe. Tucked away in Fishkill, NY. Only an hour from the city — where luckily, indoor dining is still a thing!

Sinful Screenings: New Year’s Eve Aboard the ‘Terror Train’

Sin Dee NYC spent this New Year’s Eve aboard the Terror Train with Jamie Lee Curtis and David Copperfield! “Just teenagers getting drunk on a train and another one getting his bloody revenge”. All Aboard the Terror Train!

Sinful Snacks: An NYC Last Supper at MOMO’s Hibachi in Sheepshead Bay

When New Yorkers rushed out for their “Last Supper” before Monday’s indoor dining shutdown, Mermaid Eats decided to go out in flames. Gina visited the MOMO Hibachi Steak House & Bar in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn for dinner and a show!

Sinful Snacks: The Annual Beheading of Rudy’s Gingerbread Man

When we asked Gina to review her favorite winter treat, we weren’t surprised by the morbid outcome. Watch as she dives her teeth into a gingerbread man at one of the oldest pastry shops in Ridgewood, NY. “Bye Bye, Mr. Gingerbread Man”

Sinful Screenings: Empires of New York (CNBC)

The New York City that we know today was built on greed. And it was born in the 1980s. That’s what CNBC’s docuseries Empires of New York is based on. It tells the tale of the five people who made the city for better or for worse.

Sinful Screenings: Sound of Metal

It’s every musician’s worst nightmare: Hearing Loss. Metalhead or not, Sound of Metal is a fascinating film worth watching. Not only for Darius Marder’s direction & Riz Ahmed’s acting, but for its respectful & honest portrayal of the deaf community.

Sinful Snacks: “Where the Big Easy meets the Big Apple”—Staten Island’s Bayou Restaurant

You don’t have to travel far if you’re missing New Orleans. The Bayou Restaurant is locally owned and operated, serving up NOLA inspired dishes and lamb chops that fall right off the bone. With matching décor and music, you’ll feel like you’re on Bourbon St and not Staten Island!

Sinful Screenings: How ‘1984’ Turned an AHS Virgin into a Serial Watcher

This Fri the 13th Netflix released American Horror Story Season 9. So, we challenged AHS virgin Mandy to watch the full season of 1984. Read why the 80s-fillled slasher story left Sinner Mandy craving more AHS!

Sinful Snacks: The Best of Disney’s sweets and libations

Mermaid Eats is back from her trip down the east coast to Walt Disney World. The trip of course lead to a sampling of the best snacks and beverages there is to find in The Most Magical Place On Earth.

Sinful Screenings: Freaky (Exclusive Preview!)

Spoiler Alert, Sinners! We caught an exclusive preview of the movie Freaky streaming this Friday the 13th. An updated version of the Disney classic Freaky Friday. This time instead of mother & daughter, a teenage girl and a homicidal maniac swap bodies. Check out our latest review.

Sinful Snacks: National Donut Day 🍩 (Nº 2)

No, it’s not COVID Fatigue or Déjà vu. It’s National Donut Day … again! We don’t mind celebrating this holiday 2x a yr. Mermaid Eats headed over to her closest Donut Pub location for a box full of sugary goodness!


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