Sinful Screenings

  • Troma Reimagines The Tempest in #ShakespearesShitstorm
    #ShakespearesShitstorm is sure to be a modern gross-out classic. Somehow, Troma has been able to surpass the infamous shunting scene in Society in terms of sheer perversion and body horror in Lloyd Kaufman’s unique take on the Avant Bard play, The Tempest. If this truly is Kaufman’s last film, he will go out on the top of his game!
  • Sinful Screenings: Halloween Kills Could Be the Beginning of the End for Michael Myers
    Halloween fans will love the many throwbacks in Halloween Kills, while also exploring an entirely new storyline. There’s something so great about hunting down Michael Myers. But this latest installment could be beginning of the end for the franchise.
  • Sinful Screenings: Chucky Made a New “Friend to the End” in the Syfy/USA Series Premiere
    Chucky made a new “Friend to the End”, Jake Wheeler. A teen outsider who doesn’t mind being one. He makes creepy art, listens to murder podcasts, and might be gay. If you’re into the Child’s Play movies, it’s worth checking out the beginning of a beautiful friendship in the premiere of the TV series by SyFy/USA.
  • Sin Dee NYC’s Halloween Horror Flicks 2021 — Special “So Bad, They’re Good” Edition
    This Halloween season the The Official Sinners put together a list of their favorite horror flicks that can only be described as “so bad, they’re good”. Whether overly gory, absurdly predictable or just straight silly, we love to hate ’em! Here are our TOP 20 picks.
  • Sinful Screenings: Enter the Fashionable, Twisted World of Cruella
    The look and sound of Disney’s Cruella are enough to hook you. The music transports you back to 70’s London w/ Pink Floyd, Queen, The Who, and more. Plus the Punk Rock high-fashion & grungy aesthetics really brings you back! Dive into the dark & twisted tale that’ll make you forget you’re watching a Disney movie.
  • Sinful Screenings: Satanic Cults, Snuff Films, or a Dog — What’s Behind ‘The Sons of Sam’?
    Conspiracy theories or truth? The latest documentary on the Son of Sam killings focuses on New York City investigative journalist Maury Terry and his quest to prove and get people to believe his theories that the infamous serial killer David Berkowitz didn’t act alone and was part of a satanic cult. 
  • Sinful Screenings: Date Night with the Night Stalker
    Like so many serial killer stars, Richard Ramirez had a lot of women fawning over him. Even when they heard the horrific things he did. If The Night Stalker can be loved, then there’s still hope for the rest of us! This Valentine’s Day, schedule a Date Night with Netflix’s The Night Stalker: A Hunt for a Serial Killer. We did!
  • Sinful Screenings: The Masque of the Red Death Eerily Mirrors a COVID Lockdown
    Give it to B-movie maverick, Roger Corman to know when to exploit a global pandemic. The 4k restoration of The Masque of the Red Death released this week is beautiful, if that’s the word to describe a film bathed in blood. In COVID-lockdown, the time was ripe for this horror classic to infect a new generation.
  • SINFUL SCREENINGS: THE END OF CAOS (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 premiered December 31st on Netflix. Read what Mandy had to say about Sabrina Morningstar, the Queen of Hell 🤘 in the final season of CAOS.
  • Sinful Screenings: New Year’s Eve Aboard the ‘Terror Train’
    Sin Dee NYC spent this New Year’s Eve aboard the Terror Train with Jamie Lee Curtis and David Copperfield! “Just teenagers getting drunk on a train and another one getting his bloody revenge”. All Aboard the Terror Train!
  • Sinful Screenings: Empires of New York (CNBC)
    The New York City that we know today was built on greed. And it was born in the 1980s. That’s what CNBC’s docuseries Empires of New York is based on. It tells the tale of the five people who made the city for better or for worse.
  • Sinful Screenings: Sound of Metal
    It’s every musician’s worst nightmare: Hearing Loss. Metalhead or not, Sound of Metal is a fascinating film worth watching. Not only for Darius Marder’s direction & Riz Ahmed’s acting, but for its respectful & honest portrayal of the deaf community.
  • Sinful Screenings: How ‘1984’ Turned an AHS Virgin into a Serial Watcher
    This Fri the 13th Netflix released American Horror Story Season 9. So, we challenged AHS virgin Mandy to watch the full season of 1984. Read why the 80s-fillled slasher story left Sinner Mandy craving more AHS!
  • Sinful Screenings: Freaky (Exclusive Preview!)
    Spoiler Alert, Sinners! We caught an exclusive preview of the movie Freaky streaming this Friday the 13th. An updated version of the Disney classic Freaky Friday. This time instead of mother & daughter, a teenage girl and a homicidal maniac swap bodies. Check out our latest review.
  • Halloween Horror Flicks—Rewind Marathons: Halloween
    Since Halloween will not be the one we hoped for this year, this may be the perfect time to have a Halloween marathon. If you can’t go trick-or-treating with your kids or dress up to go drinking with your friends, Michael Myers is the perfect companion.
  • Sinful Screenings: Vampires vs. the Bronx
    In this largely successful effort, Rodriguez creates an urban horror that is both humorous and thrilling while offering a thin layer of social commentary. Viva el Bronx!
  • Halloween Horror Flicks—Rewind Marathons: A Nightmare on Elm Street
    There were only two films in this series that I hadn’t seen when I embarked on this marathon. This is probably one of the best franchises because each movie is fun and is a continuation of the story.
  • Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to Getting Your Concert Fix While Social Distancing
    Concerts and live shows are still banned in New York City for the foreseeable future due to the covid-19 pandemic. For all the sinners who come to this site, that’s a real bummer since you all are probably very much big music fans like we are. Luckily during this pandemic, we have had streaming services to get our concert fix. Here is a selection of rocking concert films that will help get you by these uncool times.
  • Sin Dee NYC’s 31 Halloween Horror Flicks – 2020
    Of all Halloweens, this might be the best year for a good-old-fashioned horror movie binge fest. Take a look at favorite picks from The Sinners for the 2020 Samhain season.
  • Halloween Horror Flicks—Rewind Marathons: Friday the 13th
    Before quarantine, Mandy had seen 6 of 11 Friday the 13th flicks. Now she’s watched them from first to last. Find out which to skip and which are a must see!
  • Sinful Screenings: SDNYC’s ‘Trolls World Tour’ Virtual Watch Party
    Did you know Sin has an impressive collection of Troll dolls? Well she does, and she’s ready to let you in on her secret obsession. Celebrate the online release of Trolls World Tour with Sin Dee NYC! Watch along with us.
  • Sinful Screenings: Is Verotika Danzig’s “The Room”?
    Danzig’s Verotika has been hailed as the The Room of horror films. Ironically, subsequent screenings instantly sold out. So, did Danzig create a film that’s so bad it’s good? (Plus Trailer)
  • Sin Dee NYC’s 31 Halloween Horror Flicks – 2019
    We’re baaaaaaack! It’s every Sinner’s favorite time of year. So grab your pumpkin spice goodies and curl up on the couch for 31 of our favorite horror films. Follow along on Instagram as Sin Dee works down the list herself! Enjoy, Sinners & Happy Halloween.
  • Sinful Screenings: ‘Truth Or Dare’ is Fun and Deadly – Yum!
    Sinful Screenings: ‘Truth Or Dare’ is Fun and Deadly – Yum! “It seems like something someone should have thought of before now, but maybe they just didn’t have the right people to make it all come together.”