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Sin Dee NYC

The best way to tap into Sin Dee’s network of alternative talent, brands, and promotional tools. Sin Dee NYC ensures your next event is something they’ll be talking about for weeks. From dust to dust soup to nuts, Sin Dee can help completely coordinate your party, run your bands’ merch booth, promote your glamorous goth night, or just hop right on stage and host the shindig! 

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Marketing has always been a total mystery to me. Not only did I not understand how to do it properly, but I also hated having to do it! All the help guides I had read before consulting with Sin Dee were not speaking my language! Sin Dee explains marketing in a way that is fun and exciting. It was a relief to finally have someone take my alternative, burner friendly clothing company seriously and understood my passion.
Sin Dee helped me develop a marketing plan, business schedule, budget, and helped design my website. She helped me find my ideal clients! I immediately began to see growth in my social media followers, and even better more sales! Long story short, you should work with Sin Dee, sheโ€™s a bad ass and youโ€™ll have a blast but at the same time you will get shit done and see your business grow!โ€

Snowflake, Owner/Designer, Snowflake Hoops