Past Events

The Rendezvous Revue

Original Variety Show by Sin Dee NYC
The Village Lantern, NYC

I have had the pleasure of working with Sin-Dee; the talented artist, performer, and event runner on a few events. Every event or gallery I was a part of has been outstanding. There was tons of fun and excitement for myself and those who came for the show. I look forward to working with her again.”

Shaun Tothefuture, Comedian, Writer and Founder, Abstract And Absurd 

Die Erotik

Art Show and Market
In collaboration with Underworld parties.
The Sullivan Room, NYC

“I have worked with Sin Dee on multiple events and she has always been a pleasure. A keen attention to detail and an amazing enthusiasm for the work has always helped towards making each event something to remember. She once even won our holiday costume contest at one of my events. So I will always see her as that same snow queen. In a good way of course. Before Disney ripped her off with Frozen.”

Matt V Christ, DJ/Production manager for Endless Night, Underworld, and The Redrum Ball,  Matt V Christ on Facebook

Futurotica 2

Art Exhibit Opening Night Celebration
In collaboration with Con Artist, Filthy Rich, and City of Dark Angels.
Con Artist Gallerty, NYC

“Sin Dee played a key role in the growth and progress of the second in a series of erotic art show titled Futurotica 2. Not only did she recruit key sponsors like Sin Cider but she was essential to the organization and streamlining of the show every step of the way.”

Richard Miller, Co-Founder & Curator of Futurotica, Richard Miller Art