Life is Better with Sin (Sample Chapter)

July 27, 2017 . Anger Journal

So, I have anger issues. I’ve lost a lot of friends to rage and emotional outbursts. I ruin relationships and put myself in dangerous situations in public. Since I can’t think before I speak, I will write. Whenever I feel like exploding on someone – I’ll write it. Think before I speak. I hope this works.

Right now it’s Fred. How can someone care about someone but never show jealousy? I just told him I’m going on a date and it’s like it doesn’t matter. Does he even care at all? Or is he just playing it cool. Something like that would drive me crazy!

I shouldn’t expect anything.

He canceled again… “Can’t make it.” I’m tired of not being anyone’s top priority. Doesn’t he want to see me?

It’s always something with these men. Why doesn’t anyone want to make the effort I would? Why am I not worth making the time for?

I am brutally honest.
I expect the same.
I deserve the same.