A Legal 420 Day in NYC at the National Cannabis Freedom Festival (plus exclusive Q&A with Mayoral Candidate Dianne Morales)

This 4/20 was a monumental one for stoners in New York City. This was the first 420 Day after Governor Al Cuomo announced marijuana legalized in New York State. While it was certainly a time for partying, it was also a chance to address many economic and legal issues that have plagued marijuana prohibition. It was under this political climate that the National Cannabis Freedom Festival (NCFF) held its first post-legalization event in NYC.

Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to 420 (2021)

From the arthritic elderly lady down the block to the "big Bad Bunny", 420 is the day we all show appreciation for the gift from nature with a bad rep. Prepare for the holiday with our yearly Guide to 420. Including edible recipes, events, and info on the new NY laws. So grab your best buds and ... Pass that LEGAL Kush!

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NEW RULEZ + DEADLINE! CONTEST ENDS 4/20/21 — Our favorite holiday is a few weeks away, and in preparation for this year's festivities we're hooking up one lucky Sinner with 3 FREE SDNYC Stash Kits. That's one for you and two of your best buds!

Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to Celebrating 420 Like a Pro-Pothead – 2019

Happy #420 Sinners! Get your facts straight before you head out to burn with your buds. Check out the @sindeenyc guide including dope facts & today's events. Plus recommendations on tunes from @devilish.dre & tv binge pick of the day from @primetime_addiction. ~Happy smoking Sinners! Be safe & have fun.~ . . #legalizeit #nycstoners #stoneybaby #happy420 #420girls #420advocate #sindeenyc #medicalmarijuana #businessinsider #harvarduniversity #ptsd #chronicpain #mentalhealth #depressionisreal #suicideprevention

Sin Dee NYC’s Guide to 420. Burn Bright!

Find out where to get your edibles. A list of 420-friendly events. Chill in-da-couch with my stoner flick recommendations. Check it out: "Burn Bright! Sin's NYC 420 Guide". Happy #420 Sinners! #legalizeit #nycstoners #stoneybaby