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Metro Misfits - Issue 2 - Feb 2021 - Lauryn Yovino - SinDeeNYC.com Happy 50% - 75% Off Candy Day!

Sinful Screenings: Date Night with the Night Stalker

Like so many serial killer stars, Richard Ramirez had a lot of women fawning over him. Even when they heard the horrific things he did. If The Night Stalker can be loved, then there's still hope for the rest of us! This Valentine's Day, schedule a Date Night with Netflix's The Night Stalker: A Hunt for a Serial Killer. We did!

Sinful Snacks: Treat Yo’self to Martha’s Country Bakery

There are a lot of self-love Valentine's Day guides out there, but we at SDNYC agree the best way to pamper ourselves is w/ CHOCOLATE. Try grabbing sweets from ur nearest Martha’s Country Bakery. They have 3 locations in Qns & 2 in Bklyn + delivery. ❀ Go ahead and treat yo'self! πŸ§β˜•